I was approached the other day by a friend of mine suggesting I write a book about my life: “Your stories from both work and play are too entertaining to remain in e-mail form.” That sounds all fine and dandy if you are not the one who has to do the writing. A book? I may not be technologically blessed and find computers daunting and scary, but do paperback books still exist?

I know numerous different “bloggers” and thought I’d save the environment and instead of writing a book, dapple in the new, fascinating world of blogging. Am I a writer? No–not even close. I work in a medical world where aconyms and symbols are used in every sentance. On that note, senstances and paragraphs don’t even exist, and pens and paper are still in abundance. For example:

“0834: ∆’d ® arm dsg above CT”

(My apologies if I ignore the proper rules of MLA or APA formatting in my posts–I left those rules with college).

So, as you can tell, I am far from a writer.

Perhaps I should introduce myself after all of that. I am currently a critical care nurse, working with the adult population for the first time after spending the past two years as a pediatric nurse. It’s been an interesting first couple months working with people who weigh more than 50 pounds.

Outside of the hospital, your best bet at where to find me is outside. I love running, hiking, climbing, and have recently re-discovered the wonderful world of cycling. A goal of mine is to complete a triathlon at some point in my future. Something about putting your body through hours of physically demanding activity is appealing (yes, people have called me crazy). This part of my life actually lead to the title of the blog, as I think I spend more time in running sneakers than anything else.

I guess that is all for now…

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