Now What?

The weather man was right about the weather today: there’s a lot of rain–which is a sign fall really is approaching. I know I’ve mentioned all the positive features of fall, and activities that are fun to do in the area, which all fine and dandy, but what does the change of seasons mean for duathlons and racing? It means the racing season has come to an end–the next duathlon/triathlons in this area are not until the spring of 2011. But fear not, fellow men and women who need to satisfy their racing addiction. There are still loads of road races you can compete in and help prepare you for the running portions of duathlon/triathlons next year!!

Unfortunately, my work schedule does not seem to give me much flexibility in terms of weekend races–nor does working at night. But, really, do I let things stop me? Nahh. I still plan on running in local 5/ 10k’s this fall, like the Harvest Half in October. I guess this means I’ll need to start running more again. I’m treating these as preparation for the running portions of duathlons next race season. Running in the USA has plenty of races that you can sign up for, depending on where you are living.

Thankfully, I’m not one to let the weather stop me from doing things outside. What happens when it’s raining, like today?Just wear a hat and waterproof jacket. I’ve found myself more often than not running or biking in torrential down pours. All you need to do is mentally prepare for the fact that you are going to be drenched and cold by the end of your workout. And make sure you do not skid into cars if on a bike.

Just because winter is approaching, does not mean you need to ignore your bike and store it in the back of your garage to get dusty. I cannot seem to part with my bike–it means too much to me (remember: it’s part of my family now). It has been awhile since I have had to bike in cold conditions–“while” meaning years–but you can get winterized cycling clothing to wear to keep you warm, and wear gloves. There are also indoor cycling trainers that you can get and put in your garage, or barn, or if you have no other space, in your living room, so you can spend time in the saddle when the weather is yucky. If you are a hardcore cyclist, you can get studded tires to ride in the snow and ice. I’m not sure I’m that hardcore, and we still are far away from snowy weather, hence I haven’t needed to consider that option yet.

The same thing applies to cold weather running. I found myself last winter running in sub-zero weather, dressed like I was about to ascend Mount Everest–it helps when you have mountaineering apparel.Honestly, though, I feel when it reaches a certain temperature, you are allowed to go and run on a treadmill, as breathing is very painful, even when you are bundled up and wearing a micro fleece balaclava.

So long, summer.


Pumpkins- a sure sign it's fall


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