Are You Nuts?


Chrissie Wellington, one of the top female triathletes


“Okay, Mol, what did you do?”

“Umm, signed up for a Half Ironman in June.”

“Are you nuts?”

“It’s not a full one.”

I actually think I passed “nuts” ¬†and plopped myself right into the “almost-crazy” category today. After lots of searching and researching about triathlons and races, and knowing that I really want to start doing tri’s next year instead of only duathlons, I decided to sign up for a HIM, or Half Ironman 70.3 as they are more commonly known as. It’s been on my mind lately, and after following the Kona Ironman, which was last weekend, I decided it’s something I want to do. Well, for me to do a full IM I’d really need to be crazy, and rich. Plus, you need to start somewhere. Yes, yes, I know, a start would be a sprint triathlon, but my brain does not function in that manner. It does not know what the word “moderation” means. This will be a springtime destination race–I’ll make a mini vacation out of it. The weather should not be too ridiculously hot at that time of year either. I’ll need to keep my sanity somehow this winter, and having something to work towards is just what I need.

They are referred to as 70.3 because that is the total mileage of the race: a 1.2mile swim, 56mile bike ride, and half marathon (13.1miles).

What does this mean?

Well, for one, I need to start swimming.

Two, I need to start running again on a more normal schedule. My bike has been stealing all my attention as of late.

Three, find a training plan and stick to it.

Four, find another job so that I can fund this new addiction of mine.

Five, maybe I should consider therapy?

When was the last crazy post written?

October 2010

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