Indoor riding?

This diminishing sunlight has definitely put a damper on my riding as of late, and my rather strong dislike of working out at a gym has brought me to the idea of indoor cycling.

I remember when I religiously went to the gym in VA you could use the spinning bikes even if you were not taking a class. And, along with some other nuts like myself, you could find me on one of those machines most of the day.

I was recently looking at getting an indoor spin bike since I have gobs of room to put it, but have you seen how expensive those things are? And I’ve decided to go ahead and purchase a trainer for my bike. Which means no excuses for no riding. With a trainer and not a spin cycling machine, I will be able to use my own bike for my workouts. Mind you, this is a last alternative for when the weather is too cold to ride my bike, or it is pouring outside, or I can’t catch enough sunlight in the day.

I was reading about triathletes training for Ironman distance triathlons, and if those hardcore athletes can use an indoor trainer, so can I.

I mentioned that I purchased an indoor kurt kinetic fluid trainer, and, it’s pretty sweet, and expensive to say the least. I can use my own bike with it, but in order to save my nice tires, I purchased a tire specific for these fluid resistance trainers. Today the training mat and “Kinetic power computer” arrived. The whole other system will not arrive for another couple days. But I also bought some training DVD’s with intervals and drills you can do with the trainer- from the “competition series”–which have videos specific to triathlon cycling and endurance cycling.

Kurt Kinetic Indoor rider

I’ll keep you updated on when the rest arrives!

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