I Have…A Fan?

Never would I have thought I’d have someone asking me for beginner triathlon training advice, but it happened. I’ve given my fair share of advice on running (basically, just train and prepare for races). It was just a matter of time before I shared my reply with cyberspace.

Dear X,

Wow, I have someone who reads my blog religiously? Sweet! Learning that totally made my day.

My own tri training is only beginning, considering I just started competing in duathlons this summer. I was more of a runner before I started biking, although when I lived in Lux I did more biking than running. I’ve always dreamt about competing in an ironman, and there are lots of sprint triathlons that you can do which are probably the smarter option than starting off with a half ironman like I’m doing. Then again, I have no concept of moderation, so I tend to err on doing stupid things, like running marathons without training for them (NOT smart–my left knee will never let me forget those mistakes and still acts up on me).

I got a triathlon coach, who specifically works with women training for triathlons, as well as personal training, and she is awesome. Yes, I pay money for her to make plans for me, and critique my swimming skills, but it is totally worth it. You can do it on your own, but with my nursing schedule, she kind of takes the work out of my training for me. I love her.

As I mentioned above, there are different distance triathlons that you can choose from: sprint, olympic, half IM and then full IM’s. If I were you, I’d find a sprint tri–usually a 750m swim, 20mile bike ride, then a 5k and have that as your first. I am sure they have them in the UK–the tri season does not usually start until May, and they continue throughout the summer, at least where I live in the US. Warmer locations have them throughout the year.

Tell your mother driving is more dangerous than bike riding. I bought my first road bike in August and adore it.A completely different type of cycling. One day, I’ll invest in a time trial bike, but for now, aerobars clipped on to my road bike are good for me. You do need to be aware of your surroundings all the time, and of stupid retarded drivers. But wear a helmet, have a cell phone on you, stick to roads you know, have a spare tube, and you should be okay. I’ve had my share of accidents (which I’ve blogged about), and no matter how careful you are, every rider has some accident at somepoint in their cycling career. It goes with the sport. Think of our own Andy Schleck, or other pro cyclists out there.Lance Armstrong. I’m pretty sure they’ve had their share of tumbles. To be honest, I think I’ve tripped more running than I’ve fallen biking…Yes, I’ve needed to get stitches from tripping over a root on a trail run (maybe I should consider a helmet when running?). Knock on wood, no stitches needed from bicycle accidents. But, truthfully, cycling is as safe as you make it for yourself. Think about it. If you’re riding 60 mph down a hill and your wheels hit a patch of wet pavement or leaves, chances are you could skid and fall. Then again, going fast is fun.


That’s a great website which I could spend hours on. Great info for newbies, and a site I could think of off the top of my head.


The Triathletes Training Bible is a book you can get on amazon which is fantastic.

Hope that helps a little! Congrats on the half marathons!
Happy running!

PS. It’s very easy to make your dream become a reality. I’m on my way to making mine come true. And, you are starting young, so you have plenty of time to make it happen.

This Isn’t About Running, or Swimming, or Biking?

No, it isn’t a post about either three of those topics. Nor about sneakers, or nursing. Is it possible for me to write about a different subject? My fascination (some might call it more of an “addiction”) with endurance sports has been interrupted by the new addition to the household– a guitar.

I was surfing the internet yesterday–a daily occurance in my life when I am not working, or training, and an add for guitars popped up. I found myself for the first time looking at a non-athletics related site. As I looked at the different pictures of fine intstruments, I felt a sudden longing to play the guitar again. It’s been a couple years since I’ve plucked the bronze strings of the guitar, and I’ve mentioned my first guitar briefly before here. My lust for the musical instrument lead me to search for music stores in the area, which, thankfully, there are plenty of, especially in the Woodstock area. Who would have thought there is a plethora of music shops close to a music festival mecca?

When I entered the small music shop, I could not help but smile when I saw a couple of people strumming away in the corner, trying out some tunes on guitars. Man, it’s been too long since I’ve played. The selection was not massive, but I was not planning on purchasing Gibson’s 1942 J-45 Legand. No no, I was on a mission to find a basic, smooth, beautiful six stringed instrument. After a couple of minutes gazing up at the guitars hanging, my eyes fell upon a Ibanez. And not just a plain Ibanez. A mahogany/deep red Ibanez. I was never a big fan on colored acoustic guitars in the past, but times have changed, and I’ve changed.

Filled with anticipation and excitement to play with my new toy, I found myself cross legged  in the middle of my kitchen floor trying to open the dusty chest of musical knowledge that I had stored somewhere in my brain. To my pleasant surprise, I remembered how to play Blackbird, one the first songs I ever learned how to play. Well, technically, I think the first song I learned was Eagle Eye Cherry’s “Save Tonight”–the only reason I remember that is because I had a teenage crush on the person teaching me how to play the guitar at the time. Wow, was that a long time ago.

After spending too much time playing into the wee hours of the morning, serenading my sleeping cat, and fingertips that were incredibly raw and sore, I managed to learn how to play Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours,” and successfully find the key to unlock that dusty musical chest I had forgotten about.

Should my bike be jealous?

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