One Week…Not That Anyone is Counting…

For the first time, I’m following the advice of a trained medical professional (minus the me working part) and have not done any training whatsoever in a week. Seven (almost) full days. No pool. No bike. No running–ehh, well, exception taken for being at work, as nursing does entail a fair amount of running around and somewhat heavy lifting. And, if I go any longer without activity, I might go crazy.* For this chica to go from being “I-need-to-be-doing-something-twenty-four-seven” to, basically, doing nothing, something drastic must have happened. Let me tell you, this inactivity has definitely been quite an experience in itself. I’ve slept more in the past four days than total hours of sleep I’ve had in the past month, and am still more fatigued that I was when working and training. It’s odd, I feel I have much more time on my hands now.

So, what have I been doing, except for sleeping upto, if not more than, twelve hours a day (I know, unbelievable, right)? Let me tell you.

1. I’ve gone through all 2011 Oscar Nominees and Oscar Nominations, and composed a list of who I think should win this year. The movies are all impressive, but I really thought James Franco had a moving performance in 127 Hours— a film I strongly suggest everyone see, but do warn that some of the content is not suitable for the faint of heart. However, Colin Firth is a brilliant actor. (Ladies, who could forget Mr. Darcy?)

2.I’ve learned that plastic melts quite quickly, and the fire alarms in my house function without a problem. Furthermore, I have the mouth of a sailor not only when cycling up hills but when things are burning in my kitchen.

Oops, my bad

3.On that note, I have embarked on a culinary and baking expedition, turning my kitchen into a food laboratory: dissecting, slicing, marinating… Experimenting with types of flour I have never heard of…And I’ve decided that the Geuss name should once again be associated with baking.**

My make-shift steamer, after melting plastic

It’s advised that you make sure you have all the cookware needed before starting to cook

4.After creating dozens (I kid you not) of different baked goods, I’ve decided to go on a raw foods diet, thus further exploring the raw foods culinary world (it was more of a decision made due to the fact I only have raw foods left in my house and do not feel like going shopping–to think I lived over a year in Virginia without a car and had more food in my refrigerator than I do now with two cars is somewhat concerning). I made Mediterranean Tabouli out of Hemp Seeds*** last night, as well as homemade peanut butter. Matt Amsden is a culinary genius. Note: this decision to go raw will not affect my baking safari, so fear not, if you live close to me, you’ll still receive plenty of baked goods.

5. I’ve learned that not only does my cat eat Tofu, but will also consume Soy Milk when she’s on a Molly Diet (aka, an “I really need to go shopping because I ran out of cat food” diet). I think she is a much happier, healthier cat now, as she runs into walls less. We are still working on mouse hunting skills together.****

6.I’ve watched an insane amount of YouTube and Netflix videos, teary eyed from laughing so much. I’m not going to say how many, because that is simply embarrassing.

7.After losing my mobile phone, and time spent debating with coworkers if I should go iPhone or other Smartphone route, the fact Verizon will have the iPhone next month pretty much made my decision for me.

8. I think Justin Harris is my new triathlon idol. I have Jennifer Dougherty to thank for this.

Lastly, number 9. I’ve decided to take up Snowshoeing (I have my father to thank for putting this idea into my head) when I’m allowed to be the overly active person once again.

The list could go on, but whilst taking a break from composing this post, I decided it was necessary to pick a shovel back up and finish the walkways, and just found out from the head doctor it’s okay for me to spend QT with my Scott once again…And found my phone…And went food shopping.

As pretty as snow is, I’m ready for spring

*Some would argue that I’ve already gone mad. As long as I have not lost my sense of humor, everything is okay.

**My great grandfather was a baker who owned the Geuss Bakery in Kingston, which closed down in the 1950’s after a fire.

***Hemp seeds are one of those “perfect foods” which contain all necessary amino acids to sustain life. No, you do not get high when eating them raw.

****Don’t worry, I take very good care of my cat. I actually have plenty of cat food in my car, so Lucky will continue to be a worry-free, happy-as-a-clam, fat, friendly feline who simply stares at mice running across the floor.

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