The days after a race

from Runners World

It’s been a week since my last post–work has been keeping me away from the computer.

This week, I am not sure if it is because I had just fininished a great race and felt on cloud nice, and the fact my friends were there for me made all the difference in the world, but I feel odd. Probably because I was on two nights, off one, then back on three in a row, which can make you exhausted, or the fact I did no workouts last week, except for a small jog, and now I’m kicking myself for taking a week off, because my next race is at the end of april. But this “funk” I’m in, really needs to stop. Now.

I think it all has to do with the “Runners High.” If you are a runner, or other athlete, you know what I’m talking about. The feeling of euphoria after you complete a great work out. I was so estatic the race was over, so happy and excited, and then, BOOM. Back to reality. And then, BOOM, feelings of almost… Depression. But, I have  my bike tuned and ready for my long ride this week, and can’t wait to be out there, exploring more of Dutchess county, or possibly go over to Greene county….Who knows really.

Below is my schedule for this week (from my coach) which upon thinking, I’ve never actually written what a week for me looks like on this blog (or, have I?):
bike = 56 mile LSD
you can start to ride the hills harder. Getting your HR into zone 3 (HR = 155-164bpm)

T-run = 20 minutes

swim = total 2100 yards    repeat but with shorter rest

Warmup = total 300 yards.
swim 3 x (swim 50 yards / kick 50 yards) focus on one aspect for each 50 yard swim (such as high elbow, hand enrty, fingers, pull technique.)

Mainset = 1600 yards
4 x 400 yards with :30 RI between

Cooldown as you like for 200 yards

run = hill repeats.
Warmup first then:
6 x 3:00 up burger hill. Easy 3:00 jog down and recovery before repeating.

swim = total 1800  yards   repeat

Warmup = total 300 yards.
swim 3 x (swim 50 yards / kick 50 yards) focus on one aspect for each 50 yard swim (such as high elbow, hand enrty, fingers, pull technique.)

main set = 1300 yards
10 x 50 as:  (25 yards FAST then settle into 25 yards easy) :45-60 RI
8 x 100. alternate between fast and easy :30 RI

cooldown as you like for 200 yards

Bike =  big gear. Elevate front wheel 4-6″ on block. repeat

warmup: 10:00 – 15:00

main set: 5 x (2:00 big gear <80 rpm / 1:00 >100 rpm /  2:00 big gear 50-60 rpm / 1:00 >100 rpm) 2:00 RI between intervals. HR 3+ to low zone 4

cooldown: 10:00

9 miles LSD

After a monster work week, I’m actually going to get this done.

Man, I cannot wait for the next duathlon!

Interesting article from the NY times about Runners Highs

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