Vacation, here I come!

I cannot remember the last time I went on a vacation. I think it was Christmas of 2009 when I went home to Luxembourg for the holidays. Unfortunetly, the house I lived in will be sold this summer, and I will not have the cance to get back and see it before it is sold. I suppose that is a part of growing up.

Anyway, after looking at my schedule for next week, I realized I have a full ten days off from work. TEN. Ten. Not working. And, I could not be more thrilled about this trip, that I still have not planned out, than you can imagine. No, I’m not going to an exotic beach (I think I have ADHD when it comes to beaches and sitting on beaches and sitting next to pools. Lakes are a different story) or an exotic resort. Actually, I’m not quite sure where I’m going. My Timberman sprint is right in the smack of the ten day stretch which kind of stinks, because it breaks up the vacation. But, do I let that bother me? Pshh, please. My vacations that I’ve taken alone, and I’ve done my fair share of traveling alone, or backpacking, through different areas, have all been slightly on the spontaneous side. I do like to have a plan, but my plans tend to go back and forth so much it almost seems useless to even plan anything.

But, this vacation is different. It’s going to be some “me” time (yes, maybe company would be nice). I am going to check out Burlington VT–I have never been there, but hear fabulous things about it. (Did you know the Magic Hat Brewery is close to Burlington?!?) Then at somepoint, head over to Kingdom Trails to give my mountain bike some love and attention.

And then, ofcourse, I need to be at Lake Winnepasakee for the Timberman Sprint which I’m excited about, because I think I will be able to actually finish this one! And then, well, maybe head north and do some hiking in the Mount Washington area.

These are just tentative ideas. Where I’ll be staying, I have no idea. When I’ll be in each place will be decided on, hopefully, pretty soon. All I know is that my tri gear is all set and ready to go, my bike with aerobars is intact, my mountain bike yearns for my attention, and my sleeping bag/tent that have accumulated dust in my room long to be taken out and absorb the sunshine (or rain, if it decides to rain.).

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

~Andre Gide

Reflections of Two Years in the Hudson Valley

Yes, it is hard to believe I have been living up in the hudson valley for two years. Wow. It seems like forever ago, and so much changed during that time– hospitalizations, learning how to live with certain illnesses, being unemployed, a horrible break up with the man I was going to marry, living (for a short period) which my grandmother–God rest her soul– switching jobs, stress with job hunting. Then, there was returning to my amphibian roots and actually loving when I can get into the water and swim…I could go on and on

Two years ago today, or to be more precise, two years ago minus a day, I got my first drivers license in VA. Wow, and I remember my first car trip alone to Boston on the Mass pike not even a month after I got my license and how t-e-r-r-i-f-i-e-d I was.They don’t call Massachusetts drivers Massholes for nothing. Yes, boston is only about 3 hrs away. But I am planning my first vacation where I will be driving longer distances in my car for my vacation next week (which will be a post in itself!)

It’s amazing how much can change in two years. Job wise, the amount of knowledge that I know is insane. There are still times when I freak out (internally) and when horrible things happen, but that is the nature of the job. It is not a place I see myself for very much longer, but we’ll see.

Personally wise, I’ve developed amazing friendships with amazing people, and have had the ability to get to know my cousins and aunt and uncle more than I ever did growing up. (My dear friend who also moved here about the same time as me has a blog–City Mouse in the Country— about her two years. You should check her blog out- it’s awesome, and I love her dearly).

I love the fall in the Hudson Valley, esp in the Catskills. Gorgeous.No, it’s stunning. The hiking and mountaineering possibilities are endless. I love being able to be so close to places where I can pick my own fruit. I love that mini pumpkins are beginning to grow in the garden behind the house.

I started biking again which I had not done since high school (except spin classes) and can’t remember why I ever stopped, because it is a passion of mine. Not only that, but starting to pursue different types of biking–like mountain biking, and I hope soon cx biking, which will be easier in the winters.

I’ve developped a passion for racing. I always did small 5k or 10k races, and then the NYC half and three marathons, but those are different from triathlons. In the midst of my vacation, I’ll be doing my first sprint triathlon. I decided to be easy on my body and move my way up in terms of training for larger event races since I was unable to finish the other race (I am no quitter). And, this fall, inbetween the triathlons, will do my first mountain bike race ever. Who knows, maybe even start cross racing.

The two years weren’t all peaches and cream. Work has been stressful. My grandmother who I had lived with passed away. A dear friend of mine passed away in November of 2009. For the past couple months, I had family living with me, which can be hard when you work a night schedule, and all the construction/lawn mowing is done in the morning right when you want to go to sleep. I’ve spent so much time on my bike that running, actually, has been more difficult for me due to some weird knee problem that has resurfaced.Living alone in a house during the last winter of 2010/2011 was horrible–old houses plus lousy/long/cold/ bilzzards is no fun. I think I worked every holiday. It was the first Christmas I spent alone while the rest of my family was back in Luxembourg. Talk about depressing.Esp. when you worked the 23/24/25th of December. But, I did have someone come over to say Merry Christmas to, which, if you read this and know who you are, I thank you dearly, because it meant a lot to me.

I’ve matured in so many ways, not only into a young adult, but in what I do, too. I used a John Deere mower for the first time (by my self!) today. It was a bit dicey–there were definitely lots of “eeks” when riding down the hills around the house (if you have seen the house, you know what I am talking about). But, I did it! I’m learning how to garden, and seeing the produce spring up is awesome.

I don’t know what is going to happen in the future, or happen tomorrow even (although I have a pretty good idea about what will happen). But, despite all the ups and downs of the past two years, they have been good ones, and I’ve made great memories that will be with me for the rest of my life.

The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.

~ Abe Lincoln

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