Vacation, here I come!

I cannot remember the last time I went on a vacation. I think it was Christmas of 2009 when I went home to Luxembourg for the holidays. Unfortunetly, the house I lived in will be sold this summer, and I will not have the cance to get back and see it before it is sold. I suppose that is a part of growing up.

Anyway, after looking at my schedule for next week, I realized I have a full ten days off from work. TEN. Ten. Not working. And, I could not be more thrilled about this trip, that I still have not planned out, than you can imagine. No, I’m not going to an exotic beach (I think I have ADHD when it comes to beaches and sitting on beaches and sitting next to pools. Lakes are a different story) or an exotic resort. Actually, I’m not quite sure where I’m going. My Timberman sprint is right in the smack of the ten day stretch which kind of stinks, because it breaks up the vacation. But, do I let that bother me? Pshh, please. My vacations that I’ve taken alone, and I’ve done my fair share of traveling alone, or backpacking, through different areas, have all been slightly on the spontaneous side. I do like to have a plan, but my plans tend to go back and forth so much it almost seems useless to even plan anything.

But, this vacation is different. It’s going to be some “me” time (yes, maybe company would be nice). I am going to check out Burlington VT–I have never been there, but hear fabulous things about it. (Did you know the Magic Hat Brewery is close to Burlington?!?) Then at somepoint, head over to Kingdom Trails to give my mountain bike some love and attention.

And then, ofcourse, I need to be at Lake Winnepasakee for the Timberman Sprint which I’m excited about, because I think I will be able to actually finish this one! And then, well, maybe head north and do some hiking in the Mount Washington area.

These are just tentative ideas. Where I’ll be staying, I have no idea. When I’ll be in each place will be decided on, hopefully, pretty soon. All I know is that my tri gear is all set and ready to go, my bike with aerobars is intact, my mountain bike yearns for my attention, and my sleeping bag/tent that have accumulated dust in my room long to be taken out and absorb the sunshine (or rain, if it decides to rain.).

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

~Andre Gide

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