December in a Nutshell part 1

I cannot believe how quickly december flew by, and the fact I did not even write one post during this whole month. And, the New Year is soon approaching. Lots has happened this past month and every time I told myself I’d write, something would happen. So, instead of writing, I’m going to sum up the month in pictures.

I had a glass/glittery/silver themed Christmas Tree that would make Martha proud

I participated in Fats in the Cats Annual Christmas Bike ride, where all the riders wore santa costumes and decorated their bikes with lights and bells, delivering gifts to the children’s shelter and other gifts along the way. Not only was I the only reindeer, I was rudolph.

reindeer bike

tour of the lights of Kingston

trying to have my hands look like hooves

I had my first ever dinner party which, I think, was a success. Even though I might have made a mess. Wonderful Thea from Thea Sphere Sweets brought dessert.

Thea's magical creations

I made gingerbread sleighs, or attempted to.

my sleigh fell apart

I managed to pull off my first surprise congratulations dinner for a friend. And, he was indeed surprised. We ate at Terrapin then ate brownies in S’s van (also known as the mobile party van)–six grown-ups and a dog.

next time ill remember napkins and a knife

I was able to see my whole family for Christmas–the last Christmas we had together was in 2009.

I started training again for triathlons, and think I’ll do a couple road races in the spring if possible.

I realized right now I need to focus on me first, job second. And I need to find a day job. Which, I’ve learned, isn’t a selfish thing to do, but a vital thing for me to do now.

I was in a car accident which totaled my little favorite blue Honda Fit that brought me on my first vacations and road trips to Burlington and Kingdom Trails, drove me to the pool and served as a changing stall at Onteora Lake before OWSs. Both my new bikes- the Scott and the Giant- were brought home in that car, and would travel with the car to races and rides. It carried water bottles, extra goggles, hiking boots, my stethoscope. It will be missed.

Seat belts save lives, trust me on that

I was able to spend time with my sisters and the men in their life, which was fun. Seeing them happy makes me happy.

I realized that life is hard–I’ve known this in the past. But in order to get through those tough times, you ¬†just have to keep going.

Instructions to life are two simple words: inhale and exhale. Breathe. You can climb and conquer mountains, slay dragons, fight your enemies, overcome fears and go full force towards your dreams and be completely at peace with yourself. If. you. simply. breathe. – Molly Geuss

When was the last crazy post written?

December 2011

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