Twenty Six Check Marks in Black Boxes

I’m somewhat of a geek when it comes to lists of things I need to do. Whether it be around the house, or things that must be accomplished at work. And there is no better feeling than either crossing the task off, or checking the little boxes I placed adjacent to each idem needing to be done.

Unfortunately, I do not have the computer skills to add little boxes to my list of things I would like to accomplish before I am twenty-seven nor have the ability to check them off, so, black slash marks will have to do if I, or when I finish that mini task (or goals). I started this list after by 26th birthday– taking the idea from a friend of mine, Bekka, who has her own blog and, might I add, has the most adorable daughter ever! I have a link to her blog on the right of the screen if you would like to read a fantastic blog. Then I  thought I should finish it, even though it has been a couple of months since I turned 26. So, before you, I have twenty-six items, each of which I hope to do or attempt, before I turn (gasp!) 27.

1. Finish an olympic distance duathlon

2. Finish Timberman  stupid Lyme Disease.

2. Feel comfortable in a new type of nursing job–one which I’ve never done before.

3. Apply for graduate school.

4.Try a new recipe every month. Specifically, make homemade pasta, without a pasta machine….It is possible.

6. Create more complicated cake pops and cakes** I have done some here .

7. Ride the whole of the Tour de Catskills course. Not at the same time as the riders though. If I did that, I’d be dropped like a donkey taking drugs. (I have no idea where that thought just came from). 

co. of tour de Catskills

9. Take a random, spontaneous, weekend trip with no plan or destination in mind.

10. Cycle through NY, MA, and CT then back to NY. In one day.   (It is possible)

11. Find one new book to read (non medical related)—-every month—-have any suggestions? (I borrowed this idea from Bekka.)

13.  Go camping in the Adirondacks, bringing only the bare necessities, and bikes.

14. Travel to Europe.

15.  Crochet an afghan.

16. Run another half marathon. Or 5k.

18. Go on a group road ride. I’ve gone on several mountain bike group rides; basically the same thing except the type of bike being ridden.

19. Learn medical Spanish.

20. Learn how to meditate.

21. Run before work ( tough when you are on your feet for 13 hours a day).

22. Race two NYCROSS races.

23. Hike up Mt. Washington

24. Hide the scale and only use it in Doctor’s Offices.

25. Move out on my own.

26. Complete a course in Complementary and Alternative medicine and therapies.

In The Summer Time, When the Weather Is Hot

I know, I know, it has been ages since I’ve written a post. It’s a little thing called “l-i-f-e” which seems to be able to get in the way of things easily. My aspirations of competing in this years TimberMan have been demolished due to a tiny little tick organism–yup, I have Lymes disease which really hit me like a fast speed train. From going on sixty-plus mile bike rides to being winded, and not even able to finish a 20 mile ride on a flat surface is killing me.  So, I’m doing my best to actually listen to my body and be sensible about swimming/running/biking (for those of you who know me, NOT an easy task to do).

So, what has been happening this summer? Other than working (day shifts!) and trying to beat the record-high temperatures we have had?

I took my first trip to Millerton, New York, which is a small town east of where I live. Ever heard of Harvey and Sons™ teas? That town is where it all started. In Millerton, there is the Harlem Valley Rail Trail, a paved rail trail where you can walk, bike ride, rollerblade, you name it from Millerton all the way to (for you NYC dwellers) the end of the Metro North’s trains (to be more specific, the Wassaic station). There are plans to extend the rail trail all the way up to Chatham, which from the station to Chatham would be an over 80 mile ride (if returning to the station, that is).

Takin’ it slow

Photo break mid- trail

There is also the Harvey and Sons Tea room, where you can try more teas than I have ever seen.

Harvey and Sons

I finished my bike (actually, a month ago) and now ride it into town on market days!

So pretty!

I scoped out the Rosendale Street Festival and attempted to beat the heat by having some yummy crushed Lemonade.

Mmmm freshly squeezed

(Before the Lymes) I discovered new watering holes in the area….Well, to be more exact, 30mile away watering holes.

Copake Lake–found while lost

I’ve been spending time in the much appreciated shade…As well as my feline friends

I’ve watched K fish in our back pond.

Hello there, Mr. Sunny

Early morning

We’ve had ourselves some BBQ

And, I went my first mountain bike ride in two months–only falling twice!


And, just a link to some information about Lyme Disease–prevention, treatment, etc., just FYI (taken from the CDC).


When was the last crazy post written?

July 2012

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