Indoor Trainer Workouts

Outdoor riding is not always possible–due to weather and sunlight (or any excuse people make for riding indoors). The original reason for purchasing my indoor trainer was sunlight (I wrote about it here). Since I now work day shifts, most of my riding is outside (weather permitting…Is it spring yet?) However, interval training is still done mostly inside where I can focus more on the actual intervals. I decided to simply compose a post of seven indoor training workouts I do, to help those of you who might wonder what to do when riding inside! Unless specified otherwise, all workouts are approx. 60 minutes.

WU= Warm up

MS= Main set

CD= Cool down

ES= Easy spin

RI: Rest interval

HC= High Cadence

BG= Big gear

Z= Heart rate zone

Long Intervals

WU: 10-15:00

MS: 2x (2x 8:00 as 5:00 Z2/3:00 Z3) take a 5:00 ES between sets

CD: 5-10:00

Long Intervals II

WU: 5-10:00

MS: 3x 10:00 as (5:00 Z2/5:00 Z3)

5:00 ES between each interval

CD: 5-10:00

High Cadence Pyramid

WU: 10-15:00

MS: 4 x :30>100rpm then  :30 ES

1/2/3/4/5:00/4/3/2/1   >100rpm

(Z 2+ – 3-) 2:00 RI between all intervals

CD: 5-10:00


WU: 10-15:00

MS: pick a gear to get your HR into upper Z2 and low Z3

6x 4:00 ( 2x 1:30 HC/ :00 BG) with 2:00 ES b/w the 4:00 sets

HC=100rpm, BG= 70 rpm

CD: 5-10:00


* Do with front gear elevated about 4-6 inches

WU: 10:00

MS: 4 x (5:00 Z2/ 5:00 Z3)  with 3:00 RI b/w the intervals

CD: 10:00

Turbo II

* Do with from gear elevated about 4-6 inches

WU: 10:00

MS: 4 x 7:00 as ( 4:00Z2/ 3:00 Z3) with 3:00 RI inbetween

CD: 10:00

HC turbo intervals

WU: 10-15:00


8-10 set as :30 seconds >100rpm /  :30 easy

then do: 5-6 sets as 2x (1:30>100 rpm + :30 BG or increased wattage. HR  Z2+ 3-) take 2:00 ES RI

CD: 5-10:00

I will continue with other workouts later…Food is calling my name! Happy (indoor) training!

Kevin tryin' out my indoor set up

Kevin tryin’ out my indoor set up

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