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This past weekend, Kevin and I headed north for a ‘weekend get-away.’ It was planned around the Lake George Half Marathon and 5k, in which we participated. As it was Kevin’s first time to the lake, and my first time back in over thirteen years, we decided to do some sight seeing the day before the race.


Even though our destination was Lake George village, I had to take a detour to Bolton Landing, to visit “The Camp,” a lakefront house where I spent summers, and some winters, growing up. It was all too familiar, and yet eerily unfamiliar, as we navigated to the house. Kevin was a little nervous and sat in the drivers seat as I enthusiastically trespassed on someone else’s property to get a glimpse of childhood summers of the past. Indeed, the property was just like I remembered… Memories of family, holidays, swimming, skiing, boating (I could go on) flooded back as I showed Kevin around…The room where I’d sleep, where we would fish off the dock, where my grandmother did her pottery…Such joyous, warm memories.


We ventured into Bolton Landing, which brought back it’s own share of memories: the Ben and Jerry’s we’d go to on occasion, and the “Indian Tepee Store” (not the most politically correct name of a store, I must say) which we’d visit whenever  at the Camp. A store I remembered being full of amazing handcrafted arts, games, amazing jewelery…A store, when revisiting it thirteen years later, I realized was a slightly upscale tourist shop filled with “Made in China” gifts, cheap jewelry, and, basically, junk (why my parents allowed us to spend our savings on items from this shop I will never know). IMG_2462

After stopping at Bolton Bagels for a bite, we ventured down to Lake George, a village rarely visited when I was a child. And now I know why we never went there when we were young…What was once a town filled with history has become a tourist trap, with (more) junk filled, seasonal stores than are needed. Really, how many “purse” stores does a town need? Not to mention, not ONE of the six ice cream shops within a mile radius were open.

We explored the village by foot after checking into our hotel, which, to our surprise, was actually very pleasant with amazing lake views.

We did some sunbathing,


And spied in windows of lakefront houses.


We ended the day by engaging in pre-race hydration of locally crafted brews (and water, of course).


Race Day

Sunday morning brought sunshine but weather slightly chiller than we had planned, however I cannot complain, as it was perfect weather for running. Here is a breakdown of what happened:

Lake George at dawn

Lake George at dawn

There was some last-minute weather checking,

Last minute check on the weather

And potassium filled breakfasts.

IMG_2472During the race, I rocked serious compression socks …

Compression: my best friend

…And stopped at mile 8 to take photos of the church my parents were married in…At least where I think they were married.


Personal records were broken*…


…And mandatory post-race photos were taken.


…Including artsy shots…


…And dorky shots…

First place for awkward/frozen photo

First place for frozen dorkiness

Things the Lake George Half taught me:

1. Do not rely on special map-logging, high-tech gadgets or apps.They will let you down. Timex $30 watch, thanks for always being there for me.

2. Do not take off your iPod and fiddle with Pandora whilst running. It is dangerous, and the focus away from running will lead you straight into a yellow barrier cone. Literally. I’m glad I could bring laughter to runners behind me.

3. It is possible to run your fastest time without being a slave to speed-based training runs. Although, fartleks could have helped.

4. It’s also possible to do the above after waiting in line for a portajohn. Something I have never had to do mid-race…Germaphobe in me had a MAJOR meltdown. 

5. It’s always good to have an idea of the course elevation, i.e. if it is hilly or not. One would think the fact the race was in the Adirondack mountains would have given me a hint as to the extent of its elevation changes.

6. In the words of Moby, Run On

*This was Kevin’s second 5k race ever. He’s a natural, and I am so proud of him. Perhaps this has sparked the start of his running career??

What a Wonderful World

During these times, where we are constantly being reminded of how the world around us is changing in a negative way, it is sometimes easy to forget how incredible of a world it is in which we live.





and how, despite horrific mankind can be, he can also be humble, loving, kind, and peaceful.










It’s a Beautiful Day

Mother Earth decided to skip spring and head straight into summer weather. Two days ago the weather was in the 20’s. Today it hit mid- 70’s. Okay, okay, it is still spring. But what a difference! I ran in shorts and a t-shirt today for the first time since before Christmas! Not to mention, rode in similar attire. It’s about time!

I just got back from my first group ride of the season–last year, the first one was in the beginning of March– and it’s great to be riding with a bunch of riders through the woods. The fact that the sun now sets around 7:40 adds to the greatness. Group rides means spring is really here.

Riding at Taconic 909

Riding at Taconic 909

In the sneakers category, I’m trying to decide on whether to run the Lake George Half Marathon in two weeks…It’s my next weekend “off” and would be a lovely weekend away; affording an opportunity to go back to a place I used to spend summers. It would also allow Kevin and I to do some more exploring of the area–which is something we’ve decided we need to do more, as there is a plethora of activities and sites in our area that we have not explored.

Last weekend, we ventured to Stockbridge, MA to visit the Norman Rockwell museum. For any art enthusiast, or American who may be familiar with Norman Rockwell, this museum is fascinating. During the summer, you can visit his last art studio (we were unable to visit it as, despite the lovely weather, it isn’t quite summer yet).

Kevin next to Norman Rockwell's 1965 Rudge--Kevin has the same one at home

Kevin next to Norman Rockwell’s 1965 Rudge–Kevin has the same one at home

Norman Rockwell (front) riding his Rudge through Stockbridge--a painting he composed

Norman Rockwell (front) riding his Rudge through Stockbridge–a painting he composed

Norman Rockwell: incredible

Norman Rockwell: incredible

We also checked out a special church…Kevin had to see it…It was on his “Bucket List” (well not really, but he acted as if it was). I grew up where we had Thanksgiving on a day when my mother did not work and had time to bake a feast, so when he mentioned a Thanksgiving song, I was at an utter loss as to what he was talking about. Perhaps you know?

Arlo Guthries's "Alice's Restaurant"

Arlo Guthries’s “Alice’s Restaurant”

I do not see the connection between the song and this building, as this is a church, not a restaurant….But I obliged in Kevin’s desire to take a picture.

On the food aspect of life, I’ve realized I love baking (which may have already been apparent to those who read this blog–sometimes it takes me a while to realize things). I baked my first donuts for Easter–Carrot cake donuts with cream cheese frosting!

My colleagues at work have been quite happy with my love of baking, as they are the main recipients of the end products. I have yet to meet a healthcare worker who does not devour fresh baked goods when offered to them.


Carrot cake cupcakes with marzipan carrots

Carrot cake cupcakes with marzipan carrots

Lemon blueberry cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting, and strawberry cupcakes with buttercream

Lemon blueberry cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting, and strawberry cupcakes with buttercream

Caught in the act of my baking craze

Caught in the act of my baking craze

…Who knows, perhaps when the spirit moves me, I’ll add recipes to this blog as well.

Outside of biking, running, and baking, I was able to plant seeds in the garden today. Like last years crop, I hope to have sugar snap peas and sunflowers. I decided to add wild flowers in a patch where my carrots did not grow last year.

Lastly, I’ve been experimenting with fashion. I’ve been wearing:


Fancy flats


And fancy hats.

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