Looking Back on Three Years…

If you are unfamiliar with blogs, wordpress to be specific, you may be surprised to know that the blogger receives certain notifications for things: when someone likes a post, when someone subscribes to the posts, how many posts have written, etc etc.  I just received a notification congratulating me on three years of blogging.

Has it been three years since I began this?

This lead to me looking at the first post I ever wrote:


Upon reading it I could not help but chuckle to myself. It is incredible how much ones life can change in as little as three years. Relationships with people evolve and fade away….Skills are developed; interests are gained. Outward appearances may change; a new haircut, new clothes…New home.

But despite all of the “new” things that have happened in the past three years, my core has remained constant. I’ve embraced everything life has brought my way–including trials of sorts that I managed to work through– and have not only grown as an individual, but as an athlete and nurse.

In the first post, I wrote that I wanted to try a triathlon, and that I actually did, even if I did not finish it, I try-d (like that play on words?)

This blog, which began as a way to track training and recount nursing stories, ended up being a diary of my life, and that of the lives of those I love.

And for that, I’m grateful.

Cheers to three years!




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  1. Pam Geuss
    Aug 25, 2013 @ 23:17:03

    Yes, dear Molly, it IS hard to believe it’s been three years!!!! I always enjoy reading your blogs! ❤ Love you, Auntie Pam


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