Patriot Half Training (Thus far)

It dawned on me just now as I looked at a calendar that, other than the fact I have not posted anything in a couple of weeks, that the “big race” is in a little over five months.

Which brings on feelings of fear: fear of being unprepared for this race.

I am not concerned about the running part of the race; I’ve done plenty of half marathons in the past year, and am pretty confident with my running ability.

After todays swimming session, I am more concerned with the swimming part of the race. I just feel slow. I know swimming has not been one of my priorities over the past year when I focused on duathlons, but it needs to be a focus now, right?

Our daily high temperatures of 14-17 degrees fahrenheit has not made it possible for me to do my long rides. And, lets face it, the trainer is not the same as long rides outside. But, it just has not been possible to ride in such cold weather. (As I age I become a wuss in cold weather).

I know the race is in June, and I still have time to prepare, but I simply had to get those thoughts out of my head. Am I crazy for thinking this?

And, for any swimmers out there, when you train for triathlons, have you ever participated in Masters swim sessions, or do you just swim on your own? I’m trying to figure out ways to help improve my swim.

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