What Training Looks Like (and other ramblings)

After looking back at the posts I’ve written, I realized I go through “phases” with this blog: periods of time where I don’t write anything at all, and then times where I write numerous posts in one week (like today, when it just so happens that I am finishing two in one day) What can I say? I have things I want to share! And so does my cat Lucky as seen by the picture below.

My cat felt the need to help with post writing I guess.

My cat felt the need to help with post writing I guess.


Someone I work with asked what my training schedule is like. So, I figured I would post a recent training week. I try my best to do everything before 4pm on days I have off, so that I can spend my afternoons/ evenings annoying my man 😛

bike ( 2 bikes)
• LSD.  70 miles
average cadence on the flats should be 80-90 rpm. Pick a gear that allows you to do this easily while staying within target HR.

• muscular strength = turbo.
Warmup = 15:00.  include 4 x :30 @ 100 rpm
Main set = 4 x 5:00 as 2:00 big gear seated at 60 rpm / 1:00 fast spin (easier gear) @ 100 rpm  / 2:00 big gear standing at 50-60 rpm.  All at HR low zone 3. 2:00 easy recovery spin between each 5:00 interval.
Recovery spin 5:00 then do:  5 x 2:00 @ 90 rpm with 2:00 RI

Run  (3 runs)
•  T-run = 15 minutes. Post muscular strength workout.
•  LSD = 15 miles.
•  Speed.  30 minute run — include 8 x 1:00 pickups at zone 3 (not a full out effort) with 2:00-3:00 zone 2 running between.

Swim  (2 swims)
•  Aerobic.  2700 yards
Warmup = 10 x 50 yards as (2 strokes free then 2 strokes 1-arm then 2 strokes free then 2 strokes other arm) :10 RI between every 50 yards.
Main set = 15 x 100 pull on the :15 RI   then:  10 x 50 as (kick only on one side (use zoomers) / 25 one-arm stroke) on the :10 RI. Alternate sides.
Cooldown = back stroke or easy kick board for 200 yards.

• Speed  2350 yards
Warmup = 3 x 200 focusing on tech while swimming.
Main set = 12 x 100 yards fast on the :20 RI.. Do each 100 yards as: 50 yards moderate pace / 25 yards hard — approx 80% effort / 25 yards easy.
Cooldown = back stroke or easy kick board for 200 yards.

Core (at home)  (2 core)
Side Planks — 3 x 20 seconds per side with :10 RI
Prone Planks — 3 x 45 seconds with :10 RI
Lower abs (rock hollows / flutter kicks / reverse curls) — your choice 3 x 15 reps
Crunches — 3 x 20 reps
Quadruped extensions – 5 times alternating sides. 10 second hold per side ( http://www.acefitness.org/acefit/exercise-library-details/1/14/ )

Strength  (1-2 sessions)
Air Squats  15 reps
Walking lunges 20 steps
Hamstrings 15 reps

So, that is what a week looks like! (And yes, squats are my nemesis).

Things Other than Training

Kevin’s job has allowed him to have some short work weeks, meaning we’ve gotten to spend some mid-week time together, which is fantastic, since I miss out on seeing him weekends and days that I work. From hikes to dining out to road rides enjoying the last of the nice weather before winter arrives.

My first ever Budda bowl...sans bowl

My first ever Budda bowl…sans bowl

Best veggie burgers around...And amazing parmesan frites

Date night!Best veggie burgers around…And amazing parmesan frites


Last short sleeved ride of the season

Last short sleeved ride of the season

Good thing he knows where the trails are

Good thing he knows where the trails are

Last week I got my very first tri bike, and it sure is a beauty. I’ve been drooling over these bikes for a very long time, and finally decided to bite the bullet and get one. I’ll be spending long hours on this, and have done duathlons/ triathlons for four years without signs of stopping in the near future, so why not get a sport-specific bicycle? Isn’t it gorgeous?


I managed to finish all of my holiday shopping yesterday! This time of year is my favorite (except the weather) and christmas shopping simply makes me happy. I wanted to buy everything at HomeGoods but managed to have (some) self control 🙂 Christmas music is now playing on the radio–I admit  my holiday pandora radio station is allowed to be on during my commute home after work in the evenings– and I even saw some christmas lights outside! Yes, it was too early to have Christmas decorations in the stores before Halloween. But now, in my books, it is a-okay to have everything Christmas out! Ohh, the joys of being a holiday-loving dork like myself. I am not ashamed.

Oh how I wanted a  sparkly dancing ballerina deer

Oh how I wanted a sparkly dancing ballerina deer

Well, I should get to the pool! Enjoy the rest of your week!

When You Compare Yourself to Yourself

Comparing oneself to others is natural. With media down our throats now a days, it is almost impossible not to compare oneself to others. From a young age, girls and boys learn what society thinks they should look like– how they should act–what they should wear– in order to “be accepted.” Waiting in line the other day for groceries I could not help but watch the eyes of a young girl the other day (by young she must have been eleven or twelve) flipping through a Woman’s Health magazine—the type of magazine which I now loathe– one which has scantily clothed women on almost every page, with unnatural bodies, pages filled with ways to curb your hunger, lose weight and “feel great.”

I am not unfamiliar with comparing myself to others. In fact, I’ve found myself going through different “stages of comparison.” Yes, when I was young, I compared the way I looked to other girls. I compared myself to those women in health magazines (now those magazines are banned from my house as there is nothing “healthy” about them). As I got older, I found myself comparing my athleticism to others, instead of looks. Ohh, I need to mention that during this “stage,” it was not young women my age whom I compared myself to, but the athleticism of men who were older than me.  Yeah I know, I’m weird. What young woman compares her half-marathon time to a guy 10-12 years older than her? That, my friend would be me. Now, I think the reason I was like that was because 1) I didn’t do many races at the time and 2) I didn’t really have many female friends who did the outdoor activities that I enjoyed.

Over time I realized it was quite silly to compare myself to older men (hah) and began to focus on women in my age group. I guess you could say that means I became a bit more competitive when it came to races I did, which isn’t a bad thing, as I never allowed myself to get so competitive that it took the fun out of races. It actually surprised me that I was able to do well in sports after growing up being a “so-so” athlete in school.

Last fall/winter I found myself running faster, and cycling faster/farther than I ever have. I seemed to surprise myself with my 5mile/half marathon/ casual run’s. I was able to hold a 7:30-ish min mile pace for a half marathon. Never had I been able to do that before. I was riding 100+miles a week, and felt great.Recently,  I began to notice I have been comparing myself now to how I was last year, and I think it has a greater impact on me than when I ever compared myself to other people. My last couple races weren’t horrible, but they weren’t my best, either. Long rides seem to be exhausting–not at all how I remember them to be last year. I’m not able to keep that 7:30/mile pace for more than 5 miles (well, honestly, I have not tried). When I find myself comparing where I am today, to where I was last year at this time, it almost makes me feel like I have fallen out of shape. How did I get to be so slow? Why am I not the way I was last year? In the middle of runs I would find myself wanting to just “give up and walk” since, obviously, I was out of shape since I couldn’t hold the same pace as last year.   In no time I found myself feeling horrible about where I am right now; comparing myself to myself is far more destructive than comparing myself to others.

When I find myself hearing these negative thoughts questioning why I cannot run as fast as I could, or other internal negative self-talk, I need to focus on where I am now. I work more than I did last year, I’ve started a side business, and, I am training for a much larger event than I ever have and ever was training for. My rides/runs/swims are much longer than they were last year. In fact, the workouts I have now are longer and harder than they were at the peak of my training for the Patriot Half last spring.

If comparing yourself to others helps you achieve specific goals, then that is terrific. But if comparing yourself to others–or, comparing yourself to yourself–becomes harmful and destructive, it may be time to step back and do some serious soul searching. How you can still achieve your goals without harming yourself, who is, ultimately, the person that matters most?

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