30 before 30

I just came across this list I had started earlier this year (before my birthday in May) and decided to finish the list and post it. ūüôā

Last year I thought about a list of things I would like to accomplish before my 30th birthday. I accomplished most, but many of the things I wanted to accomplish I simply forgot about :-/ As I am soon to turn 27, I decided to make another list–a more accieveable list, with more amount of time. ¬†My priorities changed when I started working at my current place of employment, and I actually started exploring different avenues of life and living.

1. Complete another marathon.  Shires of Vermont Marathon on my 27th birthday!

2. Make homemade nut butter(s).  Have made almond butter and peanut butter.

3. Make my own milk (nut, oat, or other).

4. Compete in a mountain bike race.

5. Go vegan completely for one month.

6. Try vegan baking (eeek! Baking without real butter and eggs?) Done! Vegan and non-vegans have approved.

7.Take a yoga class.

8. Read a book in one month.

9. Try a new recipe at least once a week for a year (progress can be seen at my “That Vegan Girl In Sneakers” page)

10. Go on a weekend biking trip.

11. Bike 100miles a week.¬†Done! The week of August 27th, 2013…Strava is the entity that knows I actually completed it!

12. Run 5 miles in 40 minutes or under.¬†Done! Sept 2nd 2013 during the Mad Dash 10k…Read about it here!

13. Compete in all 4 New York State Triathlon Series events.

14. Go on an overnight hiking trip.

15. Run a 50k race, or try a half ironman again.

16. Host a dinner party, shower, or other fancy event.

17. Take a cooking class.

18. Submit my writing to a publication of some sort.

19. Refresh my climbing skills and take a rock climbing clinic.

20. Go on a spontaneous adventure.  I consider our trip to Canada a pretty spontaneous adventure.

21. Crochet a blanket.

22. Have someone take my photographs, naked, and not worry about my appearance, whether I am not in shape or not.

23. Go to New York City during Christmas time.

24. Throw away my scale.

25. Go to a broadway show.

26. Get new glasses.

27. Go back to school/apply for graduate school.

28. Take a stretching class

29. Move into a house with the love of my life.

30. Start my own business (whatever that may be).

Are there things that you would like to accomplish?

When was the last crazy post written?

May 2023

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