Fall, How I’ve Missed You.


My favorite time of year. From the crisp, cool air to the rainbow of gold speckled foliage…From warm apple pie to pumpkin spice tea…Mmmm, I can smell the aroma of cinnamon and cloves in my kitchen already.

To commemorate the start of autumn, I thought it would be fun to go apple picking. It has been two years since I picked apples for the first time with my Aussie pal (which I wrote about here). After passing the “Pick-Your-Own” signs on my way to-and-from work, I thought it would be fun to pick pumpkins and apples….And what better way to strengthen a relationship, than to drag your man along with you?

Despite waking up with my throat killing me and my sinus’s at war with each other in my head, I decided to buck up and enjoy a weekend off, especially after working a seventeen hour shift at the hospital (read: ohh-my-goodness-I-want-to-kill-myself hour shift.) I guess it’s that time of year when I need to start consuming double the daily dose of vitamin C. Armed with packets of tissues, chap stick, and tummies full of Taste Budd’s breakfast sandwiches, we made our way to the orchards.

K and I first went to the same orchard I went to two years ago, only to find there were no apples on the trees.Bummed, we headed to the pumpkin patch before trying another orchard (Lord knows there are a zillion apple orchards in this area of Dutchess County). To my inner child’s delight, we were greeted by a field of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes.

I forced my man to sit in a field of orange gourds so I could use the 10-second timer and take (possibly the cutest) pictures of us.

Christmas card 2012?

I then went on to plan the outside fall decorations of our houses…Martha Stewart, you would be proud of my pumpkin choices.

Albino pumpkin and green pumpkins are always in Martha’s magazines

I was overjoyed when in a field of orange I found my sought-after albino pumpkin (note: I have no idea of that is the correct name for these white pumpkins, but that is what I call them).

Yes, we all know I’m a dork

K had to have his share of fun too. To think he just turned thirty.

I still heart him.

My pumpkin

Our trip to Grieg Farm was a success!

After time in the pumpkin patch, we headed north towards Meads Orchard in search of apples. And apples we found.

K took some flattering pictures…And some not so flattering pictures of me.

Give a girl a beak…I mean break…

I’m starting to think there is a resemblance between Kevin the Bird from the Pixar movie “Up,” and me when I try apples.

Go pick them apples.

I wasn’t the only one overjoyed finding apples.

Ohh crap, there’s a bee…

K did some tree climbing.

Uh, Molly, could use some help please?

I did some apple crate climbing.

And then, after a sip of water (or gallon in K’s case), we went to explore the farm (not really sure if we were actually allowed to do such, but, ohh well.) We came across a different type of pumpkin, which excited me enough to run and attempt to pick up thirty (plus) pound gourds.

Never stop a man from drinking his water.


K, I really want this one. Pleaseeeeeeeee.

Are you really going to deny this girl a pumpkin?

Seriously, she seem’s super excited about this vegetable.

I then went on to tell K to pick up a really heavy pumpkin. No joke, it was heavy.

C’mon, you can do it! Put your back in to it! (Well, lift from the legs)

After prancing in the pumpkin field, I spotted small red objects, thinking, are those strawberries? In September?

Always tell the man to try fruits to make sure they are safe to eat.

Yes, they were strawberries…In September.

It was K’s time to get excited.

Men can prance in fields too, you know.

So what if he might grow a sixth finger in a month from eating these (probably) over-sprayed pesticide drenched strawberries?

Alas, before we knew it, it was time to head home, so I could bake and fill the house with all the frangrances of fall.

Lighter-than-air pumpkin cookies

Today’s outing: a success

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away…But Not in My Job field


As my Aussie side kick’s last day in upstate New York, unsure of what other activity we could do to show her the splendor of the state, and pretty sure she would not go on another bike ride with me ever again (let’s just say my idea of a “short ride” is not really a “short ride” to non-cyclists, and our last ride was a bit lengthy), I decided to bring her apple picking. It had been a horrible week, and I needed something fun. What’s more therapeutic than picking apples off trees? Plus, my side kick  had never picked an apple off a tree, and the only places I have picked apples are from a large bin in the grocery store, so this was the perfect late Sunday afternoon activity.

I mentioned a couple of the farms that are in the area in a post already, and after some contemplation, decided to go to Grieg’s Farm in Red Hook–where I had picked blueberries and raspberries in the summer. Picking your own fruit takes “supporting your local agricultural community” to a whole different level.

apple tree

We drove to the farm, which is open on weekends until 6pm (great for when you wake up at 4pm), and found just what we were expecting: apples on trees! You could also pick your own pumpkins and autumn raspberries–I still do not know the difference between summer and fall raspberries. I thought a raspberry was a raspberry. I guess I was wrong.

The farm was quite busy with other families thinking a day at the farm was a nice Sunday afternoon activity, but not overly crowded. We grabbed our bags and started picking. Unfortunately, my knowledge of apples consists of what color they are, and if they are sour or not, so when Danielle asked which type was best to pick, I was useless. We decided simply to pick a mixture.

Eating the forbidden fruit

After trying the apples out (quite tasty) and with more apples than needed, we went to the raspberry bushes and started picking autumn raspberries for a while. I think we ended up eating more than we actually brought back. Personally, nothing beats blueberries, but any berry is tasty, especially when right off the bush.

Then, we went on to the pumpkin patch. Since Danielle had picked a pumpkin before, and I picked mini ones in my back yard, we decided to skip the pumpkin picking and head back with our fresh goodies.

pumpkins pumpkins everywhere

Long story short, it was a fun afternoon, and I have a feeling my kitchen will be overflowing with apple pies and other apple creations in the near future.

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