A Newly- Turned 29 Year Old’s Thoughts on Training and Life

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post for awhile now, and figured today would be the day. The next couple of weeks will be slightly busier than before: starting a new job, taking a summer course, and then ofcourse the training for IMLP and Quassy. Between the last post and this one, I managed to turn one year older (gasp!); the last year being in my 20’s. It is actually a bit crazy to think that I started this blog back when I was merely a 24 1/2 year old. Seems like yesterday, and yet it seems like an eternity ago. Gone are the days of last-minute-sans-training marathons and races….

After a recovery week (which was very nice with less than 6 hrs of training) I finished up last week’s of training with gusto. Actually, I felt a bit discouraged after my bike ride/brick yesterday. It being a long weekend, I really wanted to complete a century. I mean, if other people were up at Lake Placid doing 100 mile rides, why couldn’t I? Not even half way through the ride, I lost momentum.Those thoughts of the training I have not done began to creep up and doubts of finishing this ironman erupted. I realized it was tough riding alone and all of a sudden I felt I was slower than other rides. I decided to turn around and stop after 80 miles. This is too difficult. I’ll never finish. If i cannot even complete 100 miles now I am doomed. Don’t get me wrong– I completed an even longer ride last Monday, which did not seem nearly as difficult as yesterdays ride, despite, in fact, being a tougher ride.

This morning I had the chance to speak with a great friend about my fears: that I will not finish the bike portion in time, that I have not been following my training plan to a “T,” that I have not been putting enough miles on the bike compared to others, that, that, that….

She reminded me to trust what I have done and what training really is about: conditioning the body to accept the punishment it will be getting on race day. It’s about building up what my body can handle. Furthermore, that my body will gladly accept it and perform for me. She reminded me I’ve been missing one key element during my training: adrenaline. That pre-race/mid race excitement that only occurs on race day and always seems to help me push forward, focus, and see what I am made of. And this is all true: there is nothing like the feeling you have on race day, especially with triathlons, since they are new types of races for me.

In retrospect, last week I put in more training in one week than I ever have before. I completed my first full IM distance swim, and completed the longest ride I’ve ever done. I’ve found when I listen to my body, I can indeed go further and farther. It’s funny how training for an ironman puts the lengths of rides and runs into a different perspective. I remember last year when I was training for the Patriot Half I thought anything under 30 miles on the bike was an easy day, or anything under an 8 mile run was short. A year later? Most of my runs are at least 10 miles, and rides under 50 are considered a “short spin.”

Today is a complete rest day– I am not doing any-thing. (I am not one of those people who must train 7 days a week– I value my rest days!!) And after last week, I am okay with it. I may not follow my coach’s plan to a “T,” but I always end up completing the total number of miles that were meant to be completed by the end of the week. I need to remind myself not to compare my training to the training of other people– everyone is different, with different physiological make-ups and commitments. I need to focus on what I have done thus far, and what I will continue to do to prepare for IMLP, so that I will be able to finish it. (Which is in 9 weeks, not that I am counting or anything :-O )

Huge important note to self: chamois cream is your friend.I guess you learn things the hard way….

Pictures from the last couple weeks (because pictures speak louder than words)


My longest training ride last week, including getting lost with more climbing than planned...

My longest training ride last week, including getting lost with the longest climb I’ve done on a bike


One of my favorite roads to climb is through Peekamoose in the Catskills, along which are a plethora of waterfalls. It’s simply gorgeous.

Note: the name of any road that includes

Note: the name of any road that includes “Hill” really does include a hill. (This is where a map or working internet connection may have been useful)

Destination ride

Rondout reservoir in Catskill Park

Post- 80 mile ride t-run (yes I am not the best selfie taker by any means)

Post- 80 mile ride t-run (yes I am not the best selfie taker by any means)

How I feel after a long training day...

How I feel after a long training day…

Foodie photos

(cause we all know I’m like a pregnant woman with the munchies)

Yummy meals!

Yummy meals!

...And more food!

…And more food!

The best raw-vegan cake I've made (Happy Birthday to me)--it is hard to believe it is actually healthy for you!

The best raw-vegan cake I’ve made (Happy Birthday to me)–it is hard to believe it is actually healthy for you!

My new addiction: water with mint and cucumber (and, I don't even like cucumber!)

My new addiction: water with mint and cucumber (and, I don’t even like cucumber!)


Good times with good friends

Good times with good friends

Wedding time! My man and I

Wedding time! My man and I

I love this guy.

I love this guy.

My beautiful cousin <3

My beautiful cousin ❤

Last Week’s Training Totals:

Running: 29miles

Swimming: 3.07miles

Biking: 164 miles 

= 19hrs 25 min 

26, Already?

It seems like only yesterday I was turning a year older. But now  I can already feel my body aching when I wake up, people need to speak up, and my tricepts are flabby–getting up and down stairs is a chore–and this all happened overnight between turning 25 and 26 (that’s all a joke btw, except for body aching).

I must say I haven’t really had a birthday “celebration” in awhile–last year I had a raging fever and strep throat. Other years I have been working. So, since this has been the most memorable one, it deserves a post.

Last night out as a 25 year old with El Presidente

My friend and I decided to go on a 50 mile bike ride (well I decided to, since I need to train, and invited him to go along. I must admit it was a leisurly ride through the catskills with lots of picture taking stops. K is in much better shape then me, and kept me going when on my own I’d be left behind (I did let him go ahead and crush hills.)

New Haircut! Bangs bangs bangs

Before we left, we had a fuel filled breakfast, and I was greeted by homemade suprises!

Le chef

starting on Dug Hill

Thumbs up for 28A

Ashokan Resevoir

A fuzzy “26”

K. checkin it out.

Ewwww bug

Jumped over the fence–for a justifiable birthday pose.

zooming along

Yup, let’s see those guns.Show off.

The start of taking my hands off the handle bars


Now when I win races, I’ll be able to look like a pro.

He takes more photos than I do!!!

Not expecting a photo to be taken….As if I could duck out of sight in that location….

Infront of a fountain. See, wasn’t lying when I said we had a lot of photos

going to go up soon

Maybe be I’ll do some hiking in my road riding shoes.

Made it- despite some slipping off slippery rocks…where were my mtn bike shoes when I needed them?

Then the fun happened….We found free stuff on the side of the road

Our rides

Ouuu! Free stuff!


We did have little free space to carry the goods between us, so I decided to empty my water bladder in my camel bak to make things fit. I was determined. Who needs water with 20 more miles to go?pshh.

Three good tuberware safely and finally fit

Our loot we lugged back! Go team M-K!

Our route is the below link. After the ride, a trip to my favorite restaurant, Santa Fe in Tivoli, and homemade apple pie–K remembered I hate cake 🙂

50 mile birthday ride

New, more bad-ass Luxembourg jersey!

26-er Apple Pie

And ofcourse, I make K get up at 4am to go see the sunrise at Ferncliff forest 🙂



Thank you, KJY, for the best birthday day.

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