Run- uh – Jogging

I had a stark realization the other day: my body is not what it used to be.

This may sound silly to you. But for some reason, “aging” and “body” were never an issue with me. I mean, aren’t the twenties the peak of a persons athletic performance?*If I felt like running for fourteen miles one day without running months before, my body would say, “Yeahhhhh here we go!” I ran my first marathon without training whatsoever for it, and my body was okay with it.

That was six years ago.

Now, when I want to go for a long run, my body screams, “Hellllllllll no!”

Okay, my body isn’t in that bad out of shape. But it is slightly out of running shape, as I found out the other day after my eleven mile run. Fine, even more honesty: it was less of a run and more like a jog. A very.Long.Jog.

The last time I ran longer than ten miles was last summer when training for a half iron man. Weather, work, life (and biking) became priorities over running. So runs became fast walks, and then strolls.

I know it takes time for muscles to get used to the motion of running, and, as it turns out, I think I might have started running a little too intensely (shin splints anyone?). Between the fatigued legs, and the painful shins, starting up running again has been the stark contrast of when I used to “pick running back up” a couple years ago, which is frustrating for a person who wants to be great right away.

I suppose we’ll just see how it goes. (I’m hoping the shin splints go away fast!….Any hints on how to get rid of shin splints?)

Last Week’s Training Round-up

Sunday: 4 mile run

Monday: 11.5 mile run-uh-jog

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: in AM: 60 minutes on trainer (too yucky to ride outside) WU: 10min MS: 4x (8min at threshold, 2min recovery) CD:10min

in PM:  3mile run (on a treadmill–gasp! In a gym filled with germs–double gasp!!**)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Same cycle workout as Wednesday, with a 4 mile run outside

Saturday: 40 min spin on the trainer***

Non- Training 

To combat the gross winter weather outside, I decided the inside of my house should have a “spring” feeling, hence began decorating for Easter.


The ceramic birds are from a town close to where I used to live in Luxembourg, Nouspelt, where these little birds were (and are) made. There is a festival every Easter Monday  about these birds.


I finally found a chocolate rabbit this morning small enough to complete my trio of decorated jars. The cashier saw it and exclaimed, “How cute! Perfect for a mid-day chocolate craving.” Naturally, you would think someone who is buying chocolate is going to consume it. My reply, “Not really, it’s for a decoration.” She looked at me puzzled, and smiled politely. I guess I am not the average person who buys chocolate. (That, and I am refraining from eating chocolate and sugar, which I will discuss later).


The above cupcakes are cinnamon spice (I modified Martha Stewart’s Cinnamon Cupcake recipe) with maple buttercream and a maple syrup drizzle. The buttercream has real maple syrup– why is it so hard to find maple buttercream recipes that have real maple syrup instead of maple extract in it? A hit with coworkers.

* I’ve come across this in many fitness articles. However, aren’t some of the best atheletes in the world–Iron Man Champions and Ultra marathoners older than their twenties? Chrissy Wellington for example. In local duathlons, the largest age groups are those  30+ which gives me hope for the future.

**I loathe the gym. Especially in the winter, when sick people continue to work out and spread their germs on everything. Yes, you would think since I am a nurse and am around sick people all the time, germs would not ‘bug’ me. And, to an extent, in a hospital, they do not. But ‘bugs’ outside the hospital bother me. However, living in the Northeast, gyms are, on occasion, a place I need to go to run. 

***Or rest day–being on your feet for twelve hours makes early workouts before work tough.

Hello, My Name is ___.And I’m a Raceaholic.

If you have ever participated in a race (running, cycling, duathlon, or triathlon), you may understand the thought process associated with racing. I do not mean with the actual participation in a race, or emotions during a race–that is a completely separate post–but what is involved when choosing races. For me, looking at potential races is, ehh, addicting.Sometimes I think there should be a support group for people like me who constantly search for races that I can participate in.

“Hello, my name is Molly. I am a raceaholic.”

I came to this conclusion the other day, still on holiday, when I turned to Kevin and showed him a race website.

“Maybe I should train for this one?” I suggest, with a spark of excitement in my eye. Kevin let out a soft sigh.

“Molly, no. Put the laptop away…No races right now.” I silently shut the laptop, and did not think about races.

Less than twenty four hours later, while everyone was sleeping, and after failed attempts to watch ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ on Hulu (FYI, Hulu does not work overseas), I found myself yet again searching for races. Working certain weekends affords less opportunities to participate in certain races, as most races take place on weekends–which is a reason why I think I cherish when my schedule does let me participate in a race.  I find myself scrolling through races throughout the state (or outside the state for that matter). Ouu…a 50k on September 8th of 2013! That is a weekend I am not working—I could totally pull that off. Wait, even better, a 5k on Saturday, and a duathlon the next day….Perfect! There have been times when I’ve had to stop myself, and think realistically regarding certain distance races, which, I guess most people do not have to do. I.e. When I decided that running a 50miler on a Saturday and doing a sprint Triathlon the following Sunday would not be a good idea.

Returning to the night of the sad acceptance of my inability to watch trashy television shows overseas, I decided to run a marathon this May. On my birthday. Why not? I ran my first marathon on my 21st birthday…Running another one on my 27th sounds like fun!’** Mind you, the amount of time to train for said marathon will be cut a little short, but I am not worried about that. I’m not one to stick to training plans…Or train at all for that matter. However, I am determined to change that aspect of running races, as my body is not the young, limber one it was when I did my other marathons. Long gone are the days when I can decide two days before a marathon to actually take part in it, and have a functioning body post-race.

Anyway, there is a thrill associated with registering for a race. Once you click that “Register” button, or send in that mail-in registration form (which do not exist with too many races anymore), there is no going back. The challenge of the race awaits. It is exciting! However, my mentality of “just finish the race without dying” does not apply to multisport races. Different emotions errupt when registering with those. A competitive drive forces me to study my past results, and the results of others in my age group…To train so that I will be faster than last year…Get through transition times quicker and more efficiently.

Finishing the Luxembourg Marathon--my first marathon

Finishing the Luxembourg Marathon–my first marathon, 2007

Do you share similar thoughts and feelings towards racing?

*I admit it, I watch TRHW.

**Not too many people consider running marathons fun. Truth be told, it is fun when you finish.

***I convinced Kevin to run the marathon with me in May. This will be his first marathon. Ohh what I can convince people to do.  

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