Ramblings of a Twenty Something Year Old

If you haven’t noticed, there is a pattern to this blog, of which I do a race-recap after each race: reflections on what went well and what I could have done more to prepare for races.

Once again, I am going to focus on training and preparation, or in my case, lack there-of.

I just finished the Shires of Vermont Marathon this Sunday (perhaps you remember when I signed up for it a couple months ago). Kevin and I made a weekend trip out of it. He truly deserves a gold medal for his support in all my crazy sports endevours.

Indulging in mandatory hydration of team support at Madison Ales Brewery

Indulging in mandatory hydration of team support at Madison Ales Brewery

We stayed at the Four Chimneys Inn, a bed and breakfast less than a mile from the race start in Old Bennington. If you are ever in the area, you must stay there. The Inn keeper, Lynn, greeted us and made special arrangements so that I could eat breakfast early the day of the race. (Marathon man actually stayed there too, and ate breakfast next to us). It is within walking distance to downtown Bennington, as well as the Bennington Monument and Robert Frosts grave.

View of the Monument from behind the Inn

View of the Monument from behind the Inn


Our room

Our room

Birthday running ribbon

Birthday running ribbon

At the start

At the start

I was not completely unprepared for this one–atleast I did some running in advance. At the half way point, when my legs began to hurt, I remember thinking to myself, “Man, it would have been good to get some more long runs in.” The longest “long run” I did in preparation for this event was a 14miler, back in the middle of April.

Where's Molly?

Where’s Molly?

At mile 18, when uncomfortable turned into pain, all I kept thinking about was the finish.

Honestly, once I passed the start, all I thought about was said finish, 26.2 miles away.

Super happy to see Kev

Super happy to see Kev

My not-too-shabby pace increased mile by mile until, at about mile 20, the running turned into a painful-attempt-to-run, then walk, back to painful-attempt-to-run. At that point, I turned off my iPod (there is just so much of Daft Punk’s TRON soundtrack one can listen to before they go mentally insane) and just focused on not keeling over.

The course, however, was very nice– only a few stretches were along roads with traffic. The rest were on country roads–some gravel/dirt roads. Too my surprise, it was a hilly course as well.

Having completed the Boston Marathon in 2008, I am aware of hilly marathons. The exception in that case was I was regularly running up Heartbreak Hill (easy when you go to school at Boston College). I never looked at the course elevation of this race. For future races, I think that is something I will plan on doing, to mentally “prepare” myself.

There were plenty of water stops, and two stops along the way had gels. We all know my thoughts on Gu (if you don’t, you can read about it here), and this race was an exception to my “no-gu-for-you” rule. I managed two gels during the race, and used them as a distraction more than anything else, as I knew well that no amount of caffeinated artificial gel would miraculously save my legs and make the pain dissapear. At mile 13, I consumed my first, which wasn’t horrific (A mocha flavored Cliff Bar gel). I decided to consume it slowly, over two miles, which helped pass the time. My second gel was over two miles as well, at around mile 20.

Yes, I stopped mid race to take a picture.

Yes, I stopped mid race to take a picture.

It was suprising to have Kevin meet me at different points throughout the race, which ended up giving me a bit of a second/third/fourth wind, considering the fact I was not expecting him to meet me anywhere along the course except for the end.

Finally, after what seemed like the longest half-mile of my life, the finish line was infront of me. No matter what pain you feel, you cannot walk across a finish line. (Well, you can, I just try not to). A nice touch to the small marathon was that as you finished, the MC announced your name and the town you were from. Time: 4:41. I cannot complain about my finishing time, as my goal was to simply finish the race in about five hours.


Voila. Marathon completed. On the day I turned 27.

Eeeek so old!

Eeeek so old!

The finish had fresh Battenkill Creamery Chocolate milk, which I devoured, despite my feelings towards dairy milk, and, it was the most amazing chocolate milk I have ever tasted. (Infact, this chocolate milk is given to participants of the Tour of Battenkill).

The best part of the Shires of Vermont Marathon, other than being on the celebration of my birth, are the finishers medals. They were all made by a local potter. Definitely more meaningful than mass made bronze medals (although, those are always pretty sweet).


The weather held up for the duration of the race–some of the misting/showers actually felt good mid race. After, though, it rained the rest of the day. So Kevin and I bummed around Manchester until a celebratory birthday dinner–an early bird special at the Seasons restarurant in Manchester. I had the most amazing veggie burger I have ever had in my life–even Kevin, an omnivore, agreed it was amazing.

Exhausted, achy, and feeling amazing

Exhausted, achy, and feeling amazing

Nothing beats a birthday sundae

Nothing beats a birthday sundae

The next morning, after enjoying fantastic homemade breakfasts, we explored a little more of Old Bennington before heading back to Rhinebeck.

Yummy yummy in my tummy

Yummy yummy in my tummy

Lilac love

Lilac love

For someone used to doing some sort of physical activity every day, “muscle recovery” and “complete rest days” are hard. With such nice weather awaiting our return, I decided to rest my “running muscles” and use my mountain bike muscles on a leisurely paced ride at Ferncliff. Plus, Kevin took a vacation day, so I could not have it go to waste!


Channeling my inner beaver. Hard to imagine I turned 27, right?

Channeling my inner beaver. Hard to imagine I turned 27, right?


Kevin playing with his newest bicycle project...Sporting the new Fats in the Cats jersey

Kevin playing with his newest bicycle project…Sporting the new Fats in the Cats jersey

After the marathon, I announed my accomplishment to my mother over the phone. She said something which really struck home: “Moll, imagine how you’d do if you actually trained.”

Hmm. Interesting. Actually train…

We’ll see how that goes.



This post is dedicated to my biggest supporter, endless motivator, chauffeur, personal race photographer, top rated at “I know how to annoy Molly,” and kick-ass best friend, Kevin.

(And also my folks…If it wasn’t for them, I would not be here today.Literally.)

This Spring I’ve Been…


Running early in the morning.


Strolling in the late afternoon.



Who said women can't build walls? Before and after

Who said women can’t build walls? Before and after

Repairing stone walls.

A new daffodil species?

A new daffodil species?



Taking in spring beauty.



Soaking up some vitamin D with furry friends.




Exploring local trails.

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo


Celebrating holidays.



Creating messes in the kitchen.

Homemade peanut butter- never buying PB again

Homemade peanut butter- never buying PB again

Juicin' up a storm

Juicin’ up a storm

Making things from scratch.


Sporting spring stripes.

Spring Has Sprung!

I think spring has finally arrived in the north east. Yay!

Kevin and I were able to go for our first spring mountain bike ride this morning. Actually, it was our first mountain bike ride together thus far this year. Better late than never.

Shedding layers after shredding dirt…Not used to high- 40 degree weather.


Kevin catchin’ some air on his $50 Ted Wojcik from 1990.


As they say, pictures speak a thousand words…





Wet motivation

Wet motivation

Sometimes the best runs are the wet ones.


She Lives!

Nowadays, it is rare when I find myself wide awake in the early hours of the morning. Late night midnight or early two am runs have not occurred in over a year now.After tossing and turning, I decided to get up and do something productive since I could not sleep. And what better way to beat insomnia than write a blog post? Yes, I do realize it has been for-e-ver since I have written.

Mother nature has been acting rather odd as of late.  From digit-freezing weather to giving us a glimpse of springtime, only to take that glimmer of reminiscing how amazing spring is away from us. I did go out on a couple road rides bundled up as a riding ninja, but not as much as I have been riding in the past due to the fact I lost one of my beloved lobster gloves. Bad circulation + riding in freezing temperatures = me unable to use my hands for a couple hours post-ride until they thaw…Which is an incredibly painful process. Spring, please come soon.

I was able to, however, capture a couple awesome shots of the frozen land.


Trail run

Trail run


Frozen ride

…So was Kevin on weekend days when I had to work.

A little too close to the ridge for my comfort.

A little too close to the ridge for my comfort.

Due to the lost glove, I’ve been spending more time on the trainer (ugh), and Kevin actually purchased rollers so he could ride indoors.* Note: He once told me that he would never ride indoors. I’m pretty sure he was jealous of my indoor riding and wanted in on the fun. I even captured a moment of him trying out my set-up before he realized what he was missing.



In between working way too much ( it IS possible for this girl to turn into a workaholic), my baking adventures continue, as evidenced by the photo below. If colleagues decide I should quit nursing and bake all the time, I guess the baked goods are noteworthy.  That, or I’m just a lousy nurse–I prefer to think the former.

Chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes

Chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes

Since I do not like cupcakes/cake, Kevin has been an eager guinea pig to test my creations before they head to work. In the meantime, I’ve become a fan of making smoothies (which is a post in itself) in an attempt to consume healthy things. Below is one with almond milk, peanut butter, banana, blueberries, chia seeds, and ground flax seeds. Vegan/vegetarian friendly and ohh-so-delicious, especially post workout.* I’m looking for protein powders to perhaps add, if anyone has suggestions of a good type/brand?



On the subject of nursing, nursing outside of the workplace has actually come in handy numerous times. For example, having your bag with scissors and tape allows for improptu Valentines Day gift wrapping in your car. I can also just lounge in–clean– scrub bottoms when I am too lazy to even put on sweat pants on a day off. Now that, there, is just plain LAZY lazy.

Well, I suppose I should try to get some zzz’s in before Kevin and I head to Europe later today. Yup, going back to my homeland! When I return, photos from the trip will be shared, and training for races will resume.

Happy February everyone!

Post script: Since writing this, I found my second Lobster glove!


What? No Suspension?

If the world does not know, they will now: Kevin recently got a new mountain bike. I’ve shared how amazing he is on a mountain bike, not to mention amazingly patient when going on rides with me. And I never realized until the other day, that I have not given him nearly enough credit for his ability to handle a bike on rocks, over roots, through mud, especially since he’s been riding a bike with no suspension.

Having multiple bikes within eyesight, or new bikes I should say, cast some sort of strange spell on me, and, for reasons unknown to me, I thought it would be interesting to try out a non-suspended mountain bike. To be more precise, Kevins mountain bike.

And, before I continue, I must apologize to him for what I am about to share, since he doesn’t know what happened until he reads this



I think it was fatigue from long, tough hours at work that caused me to think riding a rigid mountain bike would be a good idea. Why not? Nice day for a ride…All I had to do was change the seat height, and change the pedals. (The bike was still too big for me to ride with the seat post lowered…But that did not stop me.) As I went to take his pedals off so I could use mine, I was met with resistance that a giant with the strength of a thousand giants—those suckers were stuck on! (Excuse my lame analogy of giants and strength…) Did Kevin not grease his threads?!?  Kevin, the man who told me the importance of greasing any threads on a bike when he taught me how to assemble a bike? I was aghast. After what seemed like eternity trying to take off his pedals I was able to do so with success. For you readers out there, please, grease the pedal threads before installing them onto your bike. It makes it much easier for the person who wants to secretly ride your bike to take them off.

I began my ride along a road, and the bike felt like riding any other bike on pavement, hence leading me to believe it was easy. It only dawned on me, suddenly, upon entering Ferncliff forest that perhaps this “great idea” I had was not such a “great idea.” All you have to do is let your legs and arms be the suspension, Mol, legs and arms was my mantra. For the first few dips and turns, all was well in the world. Yes, the bike was big, and yes, my arms and legs felt like they were disconnected from my body, but I was riding.

Then I came up to trees lying across the path. Ohh crap, trees…Yes, Molly, those are the same trees that have been lying across the path for the past two years you’ve been riding those trails. With my full suspension bike, I just let the bike do the work for me. And so I prepared to go over the trees like I would on normally. Alas as I started to get ready to raise the handle bars, I realized there is no front suspension fork. Panicking, I forced the bike over the tree only to to be startled by lack of suspension and fell. Ka-Boom!

First thing I thought of, “is his bike okay?” (don’t you worry, I researched the value of the bike before I rode it…Man, are Dean Bikes pricey) not if I had any broken bones, which I had not, thank goodness. Part of me thought I should just turn around, and that nothing positive could come out of riding a rigid bike. Not to mention, a bike that wasn’t mine.


Did I listen to the little voice in my head telling me to turn around? Pshh, me? No way. I continued through the forest on the bike attempting to stay on the bike and not off it, and low and behold there have been some changes done to the forest paths…Which are pretty awesome, if I must admit. However, those changes must wait until I have my full suspension bike back…Heaven knows what bones or frames would be broken if I were to attempt them on a rigid. The powers within me decided that it was probably most practical to stop the ride and head back while my Kevins bike was in one piece.  Every rock caused my brain to rattle within my skull and arms feel like putty from my death grip on the bars. I think that encounter will fulfill my “longing” to ride a bike without suspension for….meh…the rest of my life.

On a different note, on my run today on pavement, a car stopped and thanked me for wearing such brightly colored, reflective outerwear. I was completely surprised, but it is hard to miss a girl running in bright blinding neon colored jacket, head band, and bright pink running shoes…So, dearest driver, my pleasure for blinding you with my assortment of awesome 3M reflective attire. I will continue to do so with you in mind.

Note: since this has been written, the pedals have been placed back on the Dean with lubricant.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

What’s been happening this holiday season?

My man ran his second Turkey Trot, and is a Speedy Gonzales. I decided he will start training for a marathon after the first run we did together…He just doesn’t know it yet.


I think my taste in shoes rubbed off on him.

No one can miss two people running in these shoes.

He has been a true sport, indulging in my (perhaps sometimes excessive) love for this season; from dragging him around Rhinebeck to look at store displays and holiday decorations to  watching a Muppet Christmas Carol with me…Okay, he fell asleep five minutes into the movie, but he started watching it with me, and put up with me singing along with the muppets to what might be the best Christmas soundtrack out there. Last weekend, we were able to have a “late” night out on the town, giving me the opportunity to snap a zillion photos, and force Kevin to take photos in front of the Rhinebeck Christmas tree.

All dressed up ready for dessert

All dressed up, ready for dessert


He gives “digging in” a new meaning



It’s his, “What did I get myself into with this crazy girl?” look.

Sinterklaas came!

Sinterklaas came!


Kevin was a little jealous of Santa…

I was able to decorate trees that Martha Stewart would be proud of. From this:


The tree was a little heavier than I thought…And a little larger…

To this:


The best gifts ever, homemade chainring ornaments with spoke hanger-things, had to come out from their hiding place, and hang on Molly crafted garlands.


Even Kevin got in the spirit when decorating his tree with the five ornaments he owns…He was warned of how excited I get in the winter last year when he was greeted at his front door with a strange girl holding a bag of Christmas tree ornaments in one hand, and four foot tree–already put together–in the other. Yes, that girl was me. To be fair, I waited until after Thanksgiving this year to decorate his house for Christmas. All I need is for Silk soymilk to come out with their Chocolate mint milk, and I’ll be all set for the season.



Nurses rock, even snow-woman nurses

Nurses rock, even snowman nurses

My bike is very happy that the weather in December has been amazing as of late. Yes, I miss the time when I didn’t have to worry about losing feeling in my digits, but I could get used to having no snow, even as much as I love white winters.

So long, warm autumns...

So long, warm weather…See you in a couple months

I seem to find new trails–or make my own trails thinking they are actual trails– and come across crazy bike obstacles going down hills. I thought about trying out my skillz on said obstacles, but then decided my arms and legs are much more useful to me when not broken.


Mountain bikes seem to be accumulating in the barn. Watching Kevin play on his new full suspension bike was like watching a little child receiving the toy truck he asked Santa for…So long, rigid Dean…


My man’s got skillz

…Kevin will be found on a bike with a suspension fork from now on.

Kevins full suspension bike

And I leave you with a song straight from a Muppet Christmas Carol.

Happy Holidays!

"Wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas"

“Wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas”

Riding High and Riding Low

Working as a nurse, or in any profession where you are scheduled to work every other weekend, one tends to savor the weekends they do have off. Of course, being the person I am, I decided to go to work on Saturday (they were short staffed) missing what might have been one of the most gorgeous autumn days we have had to date. I recall seeing a fellow colleague who rides and having a short conversation about how devestating it was being inside with the perfect riding conditions just outside.

Yes, the weekend was cut short, but I was able to bring X on my northern Dutchess County/ Southern Columbia County folliage tour (or as I call it “foilage”) the next day as we had planned on doing the day before when I chose to go to work instead (smacking my forehead). Ok, I promise, these are the last photos of trees for this season. The weather was not as amazing as the day before, but it was still enjoyable. And, I need to give my riding companion credit for taking some of the photos. Obviously, the tour guide cannot do everything. 


Nourishment is key on long rides. One whole serving of fruit in this.*Note: the caps are a hazard to children under three.

Sometimes the tour guide gets a little lost….

…And you cannot forget the mountain biking, which I definitely feel I am improving at. I (for the second or third time since “the incident”) made it over bridges that I have a fear of biking over. I was on cloud nine at the fact my tires moved swiftly over the bridges, effortlessly. I was so excited at the fact that afterwards, continuing on my route, I ran straight into a tree and fell. I guess with the “biking highs” come the “biking lows.”

I’m pretty sure another key point of mountain biking is actually trusting the bike. Like when you rock climb, to trust your feet. For heavens sake Mols, your mountain bike has FULL suspension! I realized that having a death grip on the bars makes it harder for the bike to move the way it wants to move. And the less control you attempt to have over the bike, the easier it is to actually move over obstacles.

My ultimate riding motivator at Jockey Hill

Someone created something new at Ferncliff

Mountain Biking Bliss

Part Two: Baking/Cooking

In an attempt to continue on my “Fall baking challenge” I have succeeded in creating a couple more fall-themed baked items, they are not, however, on the list I mentioned in one of my posts.

Yesterday after the realization I had forgotten my muffin tin that I needed in order to bake the maple cupcakes I had planned on, and frantically searching X’s cupboards for a baking dish of any kind, I decided to bake a maple cake with maple frosting instead. This cake recipe has real maple syrup in both the cake mix and frosting versus other recipes I found which used maple flavoring.

During the kitchen raid, I proceeded to find a handheld mixer which, I swear, is some sort of psychotic mixer whose slowest speed caused a hurricane of butter and sugar to splatter the walls of X’s kitchen.

As some of you may know, I dislike cakes and cupcakes. But if you like pancakes, this is the cake for you (thank you to The Baker’s Daughter website for the recipe). The aroma of maple pancakes filled the kitchen after I took the finished product out of the oven. I was caught in the act of frosting the cake–the part of cake decorating I am still working on.

Yup, frosting the cake.

Maple Cake, with Maple Buttercream drizzled with maple syrup

The finished product was, if I may say so myself, pretty incredible. And, if one of X’s co-workers shows up with some of the cake in his mouth saying, “Your girlfriend is a keeper,” than I guess it really was a good recipe.

Lastly, I need to tell the world that there are a couple food items my man can make which are drool-worthy (the pita chips for one, that I mentioned in a previous post). The other is guac (which I might have mentioned, but actually have a photo), home made pizza, and his grilled cheese sandwiches are pretty hard to beat. But, I did manage to make my first quesadilla ever, and think it turned out well (okay okay, make-shift quesadilla…more like a grilled cheese in-between two tortillas).

Perfect post-47mile ride snack for X

And now, X’s creations….

PS. For the record, let it be known to the world that for the first time in months, I got dressed up in something other than scrubs or athletic attire for a “night out on the town.” At 6:30pm after dinner, exhausted, I kept asking X how long we had to wait until it was “socially acceptable” to go out on a Saturday night–knowing that usually I’m in bed by 9pm now a days (complete opposite of years in the past, huh?) anything later than 8pm causes me internal stress…Okay, slight exaggeration. Anywho, going out, blow drying my hair, and “dressing up” is such a rarity, not only X is surprised, but, apparently, family members are as well: “So, I guess Mol cleans up pretty nicely, doesn’t she?”

Falling Head Over Wheels

It’s funny to think that last year yesterday (well, the day of the Tour of Battenkill for those of you who are roadies) is when I took my very first mountain bike ride. I fell head over wheels for the sport–literally.

This past weekend, awaiting Easter to arrive, I was lucky to be blessed being able to spend three days in a row mountain biking. It’s amazing how (1) time flies and (2) how much you improve at something. I’m far from being a mountain bike pro, and falls happen more than I’d like to admit….And I cannot wear the Easter dress I was going to wear today due to all the scars, bruises, scratches, and scrapes that cover my lower limbs. But, those bruises were worth the short amount of pain during the crash. You continue to ride, and if at first you don’t get over a log, just try it out again. You’ll be surprised at what you can do, and how you can overcome your fears so easily!

Here is the original post of my first ever mountain bike ride just a year ago: Me? On a Mountain bike?

And, some photos from a ride through Jockey Hill (the Fats in the Cats have GREAT group rides, and since I’m still learning, go with them,) and then some from Ferncliff Forest which we did today.

Jockey Hill

My Leader


Love riding!!!

Kevin, of Fats in the Cats, loves biking!

Kinda dicey

You know, taking photos at 0730 in the morning.....

Comin' through!

Photo op

I can be gansta when I wanna be.

Ferncliff Forest

Easter morning, 0715. First ones there!

Waiting for me...I probably fell or something

Looking out at the Catskills

It goes down very steepily (is that a word?)

Peddle peddle peddle

Riding through pretty flowers

Showing off his skillz

Nice singletrack

Break time.

Taking more photos. What's more fashionable than being in skin-tight lycra biking gear?

Duck pond

Artsy head shot

Whomever says you can't be stylish in bike gear is lying to you.

Happy Easter!

And, I pray you have a blessed Easter, and a spring that is full of new exciting adventures, happiness, love, a renewed spirit, and take time to thinking about what the holiday is really about. 

Easter creations and decorations

Yes, I got lazy and made an Easter cake instead of Cake pops....

Mountain Biking—Clipped in

We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face… we must do that which we think we cannot. ~Eleanor Roosevelt  

They say that your first time clipped into pedals on a bike can be intimidating. Yes, over a year ago I went clipless with my Mavic’s on my road bike, and that was nerve-wrecking, especially stopping intime for cars and traffic etc etc. But with time, the thought of having normal pedals became an idea of the past. Plus, with duathlons and triathlons, my biking shoes are clipless. It’s something that I got used to.

Being clipped into a mountain bike is, yes, intimidating, but it is also terrifying, atleast for a beginner.

I’ve done my share of mountain biking around Dutchess County– mostly 909 and Ferncliff Forest, but have also dabbled in Round Top in Greene County and Onteora in Ulster County. There are amazing Mountain bike clubs, such as Fats in the Cats and the up-and-coming Round Top Mountain Bike Association who have done really a great job at keeping mountain bike trails biker friendly and have group rides if you are ever interested. Heck, I even went to Kingdom Trails by myself–alone–to mountain bike ride. For those rides, though, I was never clipped into the pedals of the bike. Simply put, being clipped in is being attached to the bike. You and the bike are one. **In basic terms, you are stuck to the bike.*** 

With the amazing March weather we’ve had, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to spend more time mountain biking than normally. And, found out there are many more bike trails at Ferncliff than I ever really new which is amazing for me since it’s about a 3mile ride from my house.  Anyway, I decided it’s time to put on my big girl pedals on my mountain bike, and take them off my cross bike until next season, and learn how to ride clipped in. Actually, I need to know how to ride clipped in, because the first mountain bike race of the New York State Mountain bike series is in June. And, I need to crush that race (What, me? Competitive? Pu-leeez, not at all.)

Sun setting on the Hudson

Yesterday was my first time clipped in. And within the first seven minutes riding on trails I’ve done many times before, I fell four times. That’s when all the confidence built up from prior riding simply oozed out my pores and left me fearful, and dreading being stuck to my bike. Ohh, by the way, when you fall, your shoes actually clip out of the pedals without you even knowing it! The ride was fun, but with shattered confidence, I rode home after an hour, full of scratches and bruises over parts of my body, thinking “I’m never mountain biking again clipped in. I will forever be horrible at this. Everything hurts. Ughhhhhh why is there a hill on Mt. Rusten road going back to Rhinebeck?” (Yes, I wasn’t very chipper).

This morning I woke up and decided, after an amazing cup of coffee, the only way to conquer a fear is to face it full on…That, and to practice…and just know you are going to fall and get hurt. I got to the parking lot, clipped in, and was off. Riding a mtn bike clipped in is much easier for going up hill (1) because you can keep up momentum and (2) your shoes don’t slide off the pedals.

My car and bike--first in the lot!

And, after LOTS of psyching myself up…I was able to weave through trees, ride up over roots, and on descents jump off the rocks.Okay, they weren’t huge cliffs, but I’d say riding off a large 6-7 inch high rock is pretty decent for being concerned for my safety. ***Another FYI, it’s easier to go faster than to go slower when clipped in.***


Coming down...It's steeper than it looks

Then, the inevitable happened. No, I did not fall off a bridge into water like last year (which can be read about here). But I fell. And hard. You know, the type of hard where the end of the handle bar jabs you right in your trachea and kinda “blows the wind outta ya.” But, it’s bound to happen. I just hope the bar jabbing into my windpipe won’t happen again (knock on wood), but I did make it out of the forest alive and with more confidence mountain biking than I ever had using normal pedals. (Which, by the way, I switched off my cross bike all.by. myself…Learning how to build a bike from scratch really teaches you things.)

Seriously...It is steeper than it looks

So, if you are ever hesitant about going clipless, it just takes time, practice, no fear, and knowing that you’ll fall and hurt yourself at somepoint. And, you WILL get better. Trust me.

**Ohh, and it’s a smart idea to have health insurance, too, if you do such an activity. And to let someone know where you are going, just incase.And having a mobile phone isn’t always the best thing, since some dislike being thrown from your CamelBak or crushed against rocks when you fall. ***

Goose in pond....Just because I like taking pictures

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