Stages of a Trainer Session

Since the blistery cold weather has returned to us (or atleast is knocking on our door), my poor circulation has deemed it nearly impossible to ride outside anymore. Hence, the trainer is once again getting some love and attention.


I’m not sure about you, but I dread the trainer. I have written numerous posts about hating it. Yes, when I first bought mine years ago working nights, I was stoked to have it so I could ride at night in the dark. Now, though, I drag my feet walking upstairs to where I have my trainer parked. I know trainer sessions are an integral part of training for a triathlon, and I just have to buck up and do trainer workouts as planned. I’m simply not happy about them. I am not saying that they are easy workouts; I’m pretty sure I sweat more than an overweight man in a sauna when I am riding; and my heart rate is able to skyrocket in minutes. But, the simple fact I am riding so hard and so far and getting no where drives me nuts (like running on the dreadmill).

When I was finishing up my trainer workout the other day I came up with the emotional stages one might go through while on the trainer…And I have pictures that go along with the stages. (What else do you do when you are bored out of your mind than take incredibly awkward selfies of yourself looking horribly sweaty and disgusting?) Note: I am not one of those people who find it necessary to be caked in makeup whilst exercising. Infact, I am not one to feel it necessary to brush her hair before it, either.

Stage 1: The Warm Up

At this point, you have just started, warming up your legs, becoming adjusted to the bike


“I’m just flipping through the songs on my iPod. Only 55 minutes to go”


Stage 2:  Boredom 

At this stage, you start looking at your surroundings, wishing you were somewhere else. Envy of people doing any activity other than riding on a trainer starts erupting.


“Hmm, I wonder what is happening outside. Look at the snow; I could be skiing right now.”


Stage 3: The Pain

Whether it the big chainring on an incline or “speed ups,” you feel the pain in your legs, grit your teeth, and pedal pedal pedal.


“Oh man oh man my legs my legs. THEYYYY BURRRRNNNNNN OMGGGGGGGG.”

Stage 4: Your Second Wind

Between sets, your heart rate comes down a bit, and the burning legs ceases.


“Grrrr.F-ck the burn, I’ve got this. This is EASY! Eye of the tiger, baby, eye of the tiger. BRING IT!”

Stage 5: Depression and sadness

With more sets, and increasing leg burn, you become depressed and sad, questioning life and why you have to be on this stupid machine.


“I never did anything to deserve this. All I want to do is be outside.”

Stage 6: Mental breakdown

At this point, the workout is almost done. Your legs feel like they are no longer a part of your body. You feel like giving up all together. Flashes of your life start flooding your brain. Your eyes well with tears from the pain.



“Why me, God, why meeeee?”

Stage 7: The Finish

You’ve finished the cool-down; you have completed the workout. Life feels like it is full of rainbows and sunshine. Relief, happiness, and joy fill your body. It.Is.Done.


“Pshh, that was easy.”

Happy Trainer-Riding!

Ending notes:

Yes, I realized that my earphones were all knotted up, but you can’t untangle headphones while in pain. I feel like Roseanne Roseannadanna pointing out that “little bead of sweat on her nose” when flipping through the photos. 





Indoor Trainer Workouts

Outdoor riding is not always possible–due to weather and sunlight (or any excuse people make for riding indoors). The original reason for purchasing my indoor trainer was sunlight (I wrote about it here). Since I now work day shifts, most of my riding is outside (weather permitting…Is it spring yet?) However, interval training is still done mostly inside where I can focus more on the actual intervals. I decided to simply compose a post of seven indoor training workouts I do, to help those of you who might wonder what to do when riding inside! Unless specified otherwise, all workouts are approx. 60 minutes.

WU= Warm up

MS= Main set

CD= Cool down

ES= Easy spin

RI: Rest interval

HC= High Cadence

BG= Big gear

Z= Heart rate zone

Long Intervals

WU: 10-15:00

MS: 2x (2x 8:00 as 5:00 Z2/3:00 Z3) take a 5:00 ES between sets

CD: 5-10:00

Long Intervals II

WU: 5-10:00

MS: 3x 10:00 as (5:00 Z2/5:00 Z3)

5:00 ES between each interval

CD: 5-10:00

High Cadence Pyramid

WU: 10-15:00

MS: 4 x :30>100rpm then  :30 ES

1/2/3/4/5:00/4/3/2/1   >100rpm

(Z 2+ – 3-) 2:00 RI between all intervals

CD: 5-10:00


WU: 10-15:00

MS: pick a gear to get your HR into upper Z2 and low Z3

6x 4:00 ( 2x 1:30 HC/ :00 BG) with 2:00 ES b/w the 4:00 sets

HC=100rpm, BG= 70 rpm

CD: 5-10:00


* Do with front gear elevated about 4-6 inches

WU: 10:00

MS: 4 x (5:00 Z2/ 5:00 Z3)  with 3:00 RI b/w the intervals

CD: 10:00

Turbo II

* Do with from gear elevated about 4-6 inches

WU: 10:00

MS: 4 x 7:00 as ( 4:00Z2/ 3:00 Z3) with 3:00 RI inbetween

CD: 10:00

HC turbo intervals

WU: 10-15:00


8-10 set as :30 seconds >100rpm /  :30 easy

then do: 5-6 sets as 2x (1:30>100 rpm + :30 BG or increased wattage. HR  Z2+ 3-) take 2:00 ES RI

CD: 5-10:00

I will continue with other workouts later…Food is calling my name! Happy (indoor) training!

Kevin tryin' out my indoor set up

Kevin tryin’ out my indoor set up

Indoor riding?

This diminishing sunlight has definitely put a damper on my riding as of late, and my rather strong dislike of working out at a gym has brought me to the idea of indoor cycling.

I remember when I religiously went to the gym in VA you could use the spinning bikes even if you were not taking a class. And, along with some other nuts like myself, you could find me on one of those machines most of the day.

I was recently looking at getting an indoor spin bike since I have gobs of room to put it, but have you seen how expensive those things are? And I’ve decided to go ahead and purchase a trainer for my bike. Which means no excuses for no riding. With a trainer and not a spin cycling machine, I will be able to use my own bike for my workouts. Mind you, this is a last alternative for when the weather is too cold to ride my bike, or it is pouring outside, or I can’t catch enough sunlight in the day.

I was reading about triathletes training for Ironman distance triathlons, and if those hardcore athletes can use an indoor trainer, so can I.

I mentioned that I purchased an indoor kurt kinetic fluid trainer, and, it’s pretty sweet, and expensive to say the least. I can use my own bike with it, but in order to save my nice tires, I purchased a tire specific for these fluid resistance trainers. Today the training mat and “Kinetic power computer” arrived. The whole other system will not arrive for another couple days. But I also bought some training DVD’s with intervals and drills you can do with the trainer- from the “competition series”–which have videos specific to triathlon cycling and endurance cycling.

Kurt Kinetic Indoor rider

I’ll keep you updated on when the rest arrives!

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