Riding High and Riding Low

Working as a nurse, or in any profession where you are scheduled to work every other weekend, one tends to savor the weekends they do have off. Of course, being the person I am, I decided to go to work on Saturday (they were short staffed) missing what might have been one of the most gorgeous autumn days we have had to date. I recall seeing a fellow colleague who rides and having a short conversation about how devestating it was being inside with the perfect riding conditions just outside.

Yes, the weekend was cut short, but I was able to bring X on my northern Dutchess County/ Southern Columbia County folliage tour (or as I call it “foilage”) the next day as we had planned on doing the day before when I chose to go to work instead (smacking my forehead). Ok, I promise, these are the last photos of trees for this season. The weather was not as amazing as the day before, but it was still enjoyable. And, I need to give my riding companion credit for taking some of the photos. Obviously, the tour guide cannot do everything. 


Nourishment is key on long rides. One whole serving of fruit in this.*Note: the caps are a hazard to children under three.

Sometimes the tour guide gets a little lost….

…And you cannot forget the mountain biking, which I definitely feel I am improving at. I (for the second or third time since “the incident”) made it over bridges that I have a fear of biking over. I was on cloud nine at the fact my tires moved swiftly over the bridges, effortlessly. I was so excited at the fact that afterwards, continuing on my route, I ran straight into a tree and fell. I guess with the “biking highs” come the “biking lows.”

I’m pretty sure another key point of mountain biking is actually trusting the bike. Like when you rock climb, to trust your feet. For heavens sake Mols, your mountain bike has FULL suspension! I realized that having a death grip on the bars makes it harder for the bike to move the way it wants to move. And the less control you attempt to have over the bike, the easier it is to actually move over obstacles.

My ultimate riding motivator at Jockey Hill

Someone created something new at Ferncliff

Mountain Biking Bliss

Part Two: Baking/Cooking

In an attempt to continue on my “Fall baking challenge” I have succeeded in creating a couple more fall-themed baked items, they are not, however, on the list I mentioned in one of my posts.

Yesterday after the realization I had forgotten my muffin tin that I needed in order to bake the maple cupcakes I had planned on, and frantically searching X’s cupboards for a baking dish of any kind, I decided to bake a maple cake with maple frosting instead. This cake recipe has real maple syrup in both the cake mix and frosting versus other recipes I found which used maple flavoring.

During the kitchen raid, I proceeded to find a handheld mixer which, I swear, is some sort of psychotic mixer whose slowest speed caused a hurricane of butter and sugar to splatter the walls of X’s kitchen.

As some of you may know, I dislike cakes and cupcakes. But if you like pancakes, this is the cake for you (thank you to The Baker’s Daughter website for the recipe). The aroma of maple pancakes filled the kitchen after I took the finished product out of the oven. I was caught in the act of frosting the cake–the part of cake decorating I am still working on.

Yup, frosting the cake.

Maple Cake, with Maple Buttercream drizzled with maple syrup

The finished product was, if I may say so myself, pretty incredible. And, if one of X’s co-workers shows up with some of the cake in his mouth saying, “Your girlfriend is a keeper,” than I guess it really was a good recipe.

Lastly, I need to tell the world that there are a couple food items my man can make which are drool-worthy (the pita chips for one, that I mentioned in a previous post). The other is guac (which I might have mentioned, but actually have a photo), home made pizza, and his grilled cheese sandwiches are pretty hard to beat. But, I did manage to make my first quesadilla ever, and think it turned out well (okay okay, make-shift quesadilla…more like a grilled cheese in-between two tortillas).

Perfect post-47mile ride snack for X

And now, X’s creations….

PS. For the record, let it be known to the world that for the first time in months, I got dressed up in something other than scrubs or athletic attire for a “night out on the town.” At 6:30pm after dinner, exhausted, I kept asking X how long we had to wait until it was “socially acceptable” to go out on a Saturday night–knowing that usually I’m in bed by 9pm now a days (complete opposite of years in the past, huh?) anything later than 8pm causes me internal stress…Okay, slight exaggeration. Anywho, going out, blow drying my hair, and “dressing up” is such a rarity, not only X is surprised, but, apparently, family members are as well: “So, I guess Mol cleans up pretty nicely, doesn’t she?”

Falling Head Over Wheels

It’s funny to think that last year yesterday (well, the day of the Tour of Battenkill for those of you who are roadies) is when I took my very first mountain bike ride. I fell head over wheels for the sport–literally.

This past weekend, awaiting Easter to arrive, I was lucky to be blessed being able to spend three days in a row mountain biking. It’s amazing how (1) time flies and (2) how much you improve at something. I’m far from being a mountain bike pro, and falls happen more than I’d like to admit….And I cannot wear the Easter dress I was going to wear today due to all the scars, bruises, scratches, and scrapes that cover my lower limbs. But, those bruises were worth the short amount of pain during the crash. You continue to ride, and if at first you don’t get over a log, just try it out again. You’ll be surprised at what you can do, and how you can overcome your fears so easily!

Here is the original post of my first ever mountain bike ride just a year ago: Me? On a Mountain bike?

And, some photos from a ride through Jockey Hill (the Fats in the Cats have GREAT group rides, and since I’m still learning, go with them,) and then some from Ferncliff Forest which we did today.

Jockey Hill

My Leader


Love riding!!!

Kevin, of Fats in the Cats, loves biking!

Kinda dicey

You know, taking photos at 0730 in the morning.....

Comin' through!

Photo op

I can be gansta when I wanna be.

Ferncliff Forest

Easter morning, 0715. First ones there!

Waiting for me...I probably fell or something

Looking out at the Catskills

It goes down very steepily (is that a word?)

Peddle peddle peddle

Riding through pretty flowers

Showing off his skillz

Nice singletrack

Break time.

Taking more photos. What's more fashionable than being in skin-tight lycra biking gear?

Duck pond

Artsy head shot

Whomever says you can't be stylish in bike gear is lying to you.

Happy Easter!

And, I pray you have a blessed Easter, and a spring that is full of new exciting adventures, happiness, love, a renewed spirit, and take time to thinking about what the holiday is really about. 

Easter creations and decorations

Yes, I got lazy and made an Easter cake instead of Cake pops....

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