Lazy Weekend Days

I know earlier this spring I made it a goal not to have weekends that were spent doing nothing. But, after what seems like a chaotic month composed of meetings, work, classes, and races, this weekend was spent being lazy. By that, I mean it was spent around the area, spending time with my man, and, least we forget: bikes and running shoes.

What shoe problem? I have no shoe addiction whatsoever. #asics

What shoe problem? I have no shoe addiction whatsoever. #asics

On days off, I’ve been able to engage in some solo time at 909 (a local mountain biking area) learning which paths went where (as well as paths to avoid). Finally, I could show Kevin some local trails he was unfamiliar with. He was able to help me work through some technical parts I’ve been unable to manage (rather, too wimpy to attempt while riding alone). Somehow, he always managed to get ahead of me. I think I need to ride with him more often– I tend to push myself harder physically and mentally when riding with him (and others in general)–mostly, though, in order to keep up with him.


Dutchess County Trees

A shot by Kevin, whilst waiting for me to catch up.

After showing being lead through trails at 909, it was imperative I introduce Kevin a place I stumbled upon last summer where we could cool off post ride…Ahh, the refreshing nature of rivers during the summer. It’s during the summer when I reconsider taking up triathlons–simply because of the cooling aspect of the swim portion.

Kevin, also a water mammal

Kevin, also a water mammal

Returning to my water roots

Returning to my water roots

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about road bikes.



My Deutsch jersey, thanks Mom!
My Deutsch jersey, thanks Mom!


Kevin stopped next to a sign thinking it needed to be posted in the blog. Alas, I already posted the same sign three years ago here!

We lounged on the porch of the “country house” as Kevin calls it, escaping the heat and humidity, catching up on good reads, and fixing bikes. Life is all about bikes.

Ice cold fizzy water and lemon...The best on a humid, hot day

Ice cold fizzy water and lemon…The best on a humid, hot day


Taping the handle bars of his newly acquired Serotta

No blog post is complete with an awkward photo taken of you.

No blog post is complete with an awkward photo taken of you.

The evening brought cooler temperatures, and outdoor dining opportunities.

I'll allow for him to have his hot dogs this time.

I’ll allow for him to have his hot dogs this time.


I missed our after-dinner walks around the neighborhood

Sunday morning, we were able to take a  trip to the Rhinebeck Farmers Market, a small but quaint market I had not had a chance to visit until this weekend.Kevin’s favorite part was his falafel. Mine was organic local mint tea–a much needed refreshing drink on a humid day.

Local cider

Local cider-wine

Waiting in the sun for a falafel

Waiting in the sun for a falafel

Musical greatness, stopping in town from New Orleans

Luke Winslow-King, musical greatness, stopping in town from New Orleans


Mmmm bread.

Mmmm bread.


The weekend ended with thunderstorms, sweeping away Northeast humidity…For now.


Races, Gardens, Farmers Markets, and Everything Inbetween

This post may be composed of a variety of different themes–that seems to happen when you do not keep up-to-date on your posts.

Triathlon training has been going well, and I’m ecstatic that I can now swim outside without a wetsuit (wetsuits are a whole post in itself).

Lovin’ life

I finished my first individual duathlon of the season (the Trooper Duathlon I did as a part of a team), and despite the fact we got there at the very last minute and I had no time to eat breakfast, I finished in a decent time. Well, I could have really pushed myself on the runs (and create a list for why I wasn’t as fast as I wanted to be). But, the course was actually much hillier than I thought–not only on the run, but the bike ride as well. I was lucky to have my #1 fan and best sports event photographer waiting and cheering me on–as well as getting sunburnt. Below are some photos from the event.

My number

My Transition area

Listening to pre-race instructions (Yes, the number is not centered)

Where swimmers swam

Making friends with others while waiting for the start

First sprint….I’m not the most photogenic athlete

Running to T1; ignore my mis-matching outfit

Bike out

Preparing to dismount


Yes, mis-matching and post race stretching….

Done, sweaty, and disturbingly off-center bib



As a post race celebratory treat, we walked to the Rhinebeck Farmer’s Market. It is a small market, but has great falafels, and produce from local farms in the area.

Rhinebeck’s Farmer’s Market

Fresh lavender and local apples

Falafels, all the way from New York City….Pure deliciousness


And, just a couple days ago, a pedestrians walkway was painted in Rhinbeck town. Finally, after years of dodging cars and traffic, people can cross in safety….God willing.

People can now cross without the fear of people hitting them.

Now, to my gardening. The past heat waves and afternoons of downpour rain have really given growth to my garden. My sunflowers (with edible seeds) are almost three feet, and my sugar snap peas are growing like crazy–almost big enough to eat! The lettuce is delicious, and I can tell that the carrots and cherry tomatoes will be edible soon as well.


Fresh greens- perfect for juices and salads!

My sun flowers before the support structure went up (right after a storm)

And with fresh ingredients, I’ve been able to keep cool by cooking up some refreshing meals, such as homemade gazpacho.


There will be a post soon about my bike (oh, remember that old thing I was building?) and recent wanderings, but I leave you with a photo of K with sparks flying…for my seatpost.

Please do take caution when attempting something like this…Or atleast know what you are doing.

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