The Biker Tan Returns!

I cannot express enough my delight with the weather we’ve been blessed with this past week. Ofcourse, it was short lived, as every day next week there are “chances of showers.” Despite attempting to ward of sickness, I’ve managed to spend as much time outside as possible. And after returning from a brilliant ride yesterday and taking off my jersey I noticed those distinct lines that mark the middle of my biceps. The biker tan has returned! As I am somewhat of a nut, I actually wrote a post all about sun screen protection and biker tans here  so I will not be redundant with the importance of sun screen. However, with this weather, I must admit I’ve been slacking on my sun protection and will need to step it up a notch for the next ride I’m on. (I don’t really need to worry about it for my runs, since I run at night).

Angry little bugger

My ride yesterday was perfect. It was warm enough for sweat production, I was hitting the hills with gusto and felt more fuel under my belt than on my past couple rides which have been torturous. Perhaps because I had riden on roads I’ve never been on. I realized that most of the roads in Milan/ that general area, have “Hill” attached to them. Like “Milan Hill,” which I like riding in the direction away from route 308 instead of towards it, “Turkey Hill,” “Becker Hill”…etc. I think Turkey Hill should actually be called “Snappy Hill” because on all my rides up that hill which tends to make me feel angry, I’ve never once seen a turkey. But, on my ride, I did see a snapping turtle crossing the road. Ofcourse, I had to stop my ride and help him so he would avoid premature death by zooming cars. (Just Imagine: my bike on the side of the road, me in  cleats, spandex, jersey, my new awesome  Evil Eye Addidas Glasses which don’t fog up, and helmet, slowing down cars on that road. The turtle survived, although his only thanks to me was getting angry and trying to attack me with his snapper mouth).Back to hills. There is also “Academy Hill” and lots of roads which should have the word “Hill” attached to them.You cannot go riding around there without hitting a hill. So, if you like the feeling of burning thighs and feeling your lungs on fire, go cycling in that part of dutchess/columbia county, and you will be in heaven.

View of the Mtns from Becker Hill

I do miss my time on the mountain bike, but for the next couple weeks (less than three weeks to be exact), I’ll be living on my first road bike baby until Mooseman, and making sure I apply some sunscreen so when it comes to swim suit time, I will not look like a complete freak with tanned lower legs and forearms and pasty white thighs, hands, biceps, and core. Then again, the only time I’ll ever be seen in attire resembling swimwear I’ll thankfully be wearing a wet suit.

And upon ending this short, somewhat useless post I must admit there’s never a better feeling nor sensation when you reach the top of a long, painful hill and the only thing you can see are fields of emerald green grass, budding trees, and the picturesque Catskills which lay right ahead of you.

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May 2023

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