To the Person Behind the Athlete…

Behind every athlete, is a person.

Whether the person is a man, or a woman; a friend or a family member; it doesn’t matter.

That person believes in the athlete.

That person wakes up early on their days off, in order to drive with the athlete to far-off races.

He sacrifices his own schedule to be with that athlete, even if the race is as short as a 5k race, a marathon; a mountain bike race or a triathlon.

That person is the one who stands on the side lines, while the athlete prepares for a race.

He  stands by, as the starting shot goes off.

He not only cheers for that athlete, he cheers for everyone.

He cheers as the racers pass, and the racers finish.

He willingly gives a helping hand to other participants, whether it be helping with a flat tire, or taking a photo.

He is there at the end, with arms open wide, embracing the athlete, whether she finished first, or finished last.

He is there for her.

For support.

For encouragement.

Because without him, she’d never be the athlete she is today. Nor will be tomorrow.

To all of those people, who stand behind athletes:

Thank you.

For your support.

Your words of encouragement, your clapping of hands,

And your never ending enthusiasm.

It means more than words can express.

If you have never been acknowledge before, let today be the first day that you are acknowledged.

If you have never been thanked for being on the side lines, in the shadows, let today be the day that you are thanked.

For even if you were there to be with a certain athlete, and/or racer, you were actually there for everyone. 


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May 2023

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